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October 26, 2011: Jim Lee on Why You Should Read Comic Books

AintItCool.com has published an interview with Jim Lee in which he talks quite passionately about why people should be reading comic books...

    It gives you an experience unlike any other. It's different from books, it's different from animation, it's different from movies...so you might think it's something that is a simplified version of some other art form; it's not, there's a magic that happens when you have words with pictures and things happen in your head and things happen in between the panels that you would never imagine and that's the beauty of the art-form. So, just purely from an artistic standpoint, you should check it out. But in terms of the story-lines: A) Superheroes, which is a big part of what we're doing in September, are one of the cornerstones of pop culture. If you don't want to follow pop culture, don't check out comic books. But if you want to be someone that is cognizant, someone that is an insider, you should read the source material that inspires all this other stuff, because that is where all of it comes from. All the great video games, all the great cartoons, movies, T.V. shows, they were all told first in comic book form. And there's no other industry in entertainment that puts out stories every single month. There's no off season, there's not one movie a year. Every single week of every month we are putting out stories, and the creators that are involved are not just comic book writers...we have novelists, we have T.V. screenwriters. Everyone wants to work in comics because it is one of the few art forms left where a handful of guys can produce a story relatively unfettered and do what they want to do and remain true to what they wanted to do, so from a pure creative standpoint you gotta check out comics.

Check out the complete interview at AintItCool.com.

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