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March 23, 2011: James Robinson Talks Doomsday vs. JLA

JLA #55 ComicBookResources.com caught up with writer James Robinson to talk to him him "Justice League of America #55", which throws Doomsday into the already established Eclipso story running within the monthly title. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    So, you're moving along nicely, telling a multi-layered story and then all of sudden, whammo! -- Doomsday crash lands in your book! Is he the big elephant in the room or were you able to make his appearance tie into the other things you're doing?

    First off, he's a great character but yes, it was odd that in the second part of an arc of mine, the main story kind of takes a bit of a back seat to Doomsday in "Justice League of America" #55. But I managed to tie it all together so that certain characters are in certain places and everything in the two storylines is kind of organically, hopefully, feeding off of each other to a degree.

    In terms of those sorts of challenges, where you are rolling along and then suddenly you have an issue that involves a completely incongruous element based on the bigger picture of the DC Universe -- and I'm sure it happens to writers working in the Marvel Universe as well -- it just goes with the territory. I remember back when I was writing "Starman," which was a much more closed off part of the DC Universe, those types of things like tie-ins and crossovers, although I did them, there wasn't as much of a demand for me to do that. But if you're writing a book like "Justice League of America" and you don't expect those things to happen, you're an idiot. Of course they're going to happen! You have to regard them as part of the job and a fun challenge to try and rise to the occasion and meet. Hopefully I've done that.

Read the entire interview at the CBR website.

Justice League of America #55 is on sale at comic book stores today.

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