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July 19, 2011: David Goyer Talks Superman and "Action Comics #900"

Action Comics #900 Entertainment Weekly grabbed an interview with David S. Goyer to talk to him about his extremely busy schedule, working on "Man of Steel", publishing his new novel "Heaven's Shadow", and now working on writing a script for a new Godzilla movie... as well as his recent foray as a comic book writer with his controversial tale in "Action Comics #900". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    I know better than try to squeeze you for details about Man of Steel -

    You won't get anything from me, other than to say that it's been a really, really fun experience.

    But I did want to ask you about another Superman story - the short story you wrote for Action Comics, in which you had Superman renounce his U.S. citizenship after involving himself (peacefully) in Middle East political unrest. What was the genesis of the story?

    The editors at DC Comics said: 'Hey, we're doing the 900th issue of Action Comics, would you like to write a story?' We had a conversation, and out of the conversation, a question emerged: Is Superman still relevant? Because the numbers on Superman comics are down. So we started talking about what Superman might do about all these Arab countries in states of unrest, with governments battling civil protest. What would Superman do? It was purely a 'What if...?' proposition. What was interesting is that the mainstream public's perception of Superman is 50 years out of date. I think one news program covering the story showed a clip from the 1950s TV show. It was also interesting to me that people thought it was a slight against America. It wasn't meant to be that at all. He was actually trying to protect America from what he intended to do. But sure, the story was meant to be thought-provoking. And by the way: None of this has any connection to the movie. This story is set wholly in Superman's comic book world where he has existed for years. One day when things settle down I'll dip my toes in comics again. If I do, I want to do more provocative stuff like that.

Source: EW.com.

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