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July 25, 2011: Lobdell Talks "Superboy" and "Teen Titans"

Superboy #1 Newsarama.com has published an interview with Scott Lobdell discussing the relaunch of both the "Superboy" and "Teen Titans" comic books. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Nrama: Let's move on to Superboy. Actually, this question involves Teen Titans as well. Since both books have Superboy, and you're writing both (duh), can we expect close ties between the two? It's been established that not all of the 52 post-Flashpoint titles take place at the same point in time — is that the case here?

    Lobdell: I kind of see Teen Titans and Superboy as a bi-weekly title. That is, at least for the first few months as you put down one book and pick up the next we'll be establishing a sort of mini-world for the reader.

    That said, you won't have to pick up both books - they are both their own unique experiences separate and apart from each other - but if you do pick up both titles they will each enrich the other!

    Nrama: Past Superboy comics have taken place in Hawaii and Smallville, but based on the solicitation and the initial cover, a lot of people are getting a little bit of a sci-fi type vibe. So basically, a character that's seen a lot of variety. What's your general approach to the series?

    Lobdell: I've always been fascinated by the stories we've never gotten to see about Superboy. That is, when he first appeared he was Superboy. He was flying and using his powers and that was that.

    We're putting Superboy under a microscope. Like the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. scientists who are working on him in captivity, we are determined to see what makes him tick!

    (And no, that wasn't some pun about him being a cyborg or some such! He is still part human/part Kryptonian - still one half Lex and one half Kal.)

Read the entire interview at Newsarama.com.

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