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October 17, 2011: Dan Jurgens Explains New "Superman" Direction

Newsarama.com caught up with Dan Jurgens at this past weekend's New York Comic Con, and got the inside word on the direction he and Keith Giffen will be taking the "Superman" title after George Perez's initial 6-issue run. Here's a portion of the article...

    Right now, Action Comics is set five years in the past, but Superman is set in the "present day" of the DCnU, which differentiates the two comics.

    But when Jurgens and Giffen begin their storyline with Superman #7, that difference in timeline will no longer separate the stories. Beginning with Action Comics #7, both titles are supposed to be set in the same time period, and will be starring the same character.

    That opens the door for crossovers and more collaboration between the comics, as well as other related books like Superboy and Supergirl.

    But Jurgens said there's no crossover planned anytime soon.

    "People have asked me, 'Is this going to be like before where the Superman books are connected?'" he said. "The answer is no."

    Jurgens said the fact that Action Comics and Superman share the same time period with #7 shouldn't be a problem because editors will be making sure the comics deal with different stories as each establishes its own style and format.

Read the complete article at Newsarama.com.

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