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December 20, 2011: Johnson and Green Discuss "Supergirl" Comics

Supergirl #4 AintItCool.com has published an interview with "Supergirl" writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson ahead of issue #4's release tomorrow. Here's a portion of the interview...

    Q: Do you communicate with the other Superman family writers at all to coordinate?

    MJ: We do, thanks to epic email chains and conference calls. We've got a great roster of talent on the Super-family of books, and our editor Wil Moss does a great job making sure our book stays in sync with what's going on in the others. She'll be guest-starring in SUPERMAN and SUPERBOY coming up.

    Q: What do you think will appeal about this series to new and old readers, respectively?

    MG: She's as new to the New 52 as we all are. If you've never read her before, you don't need to know anything about her backstory to follow along. And if you've read every Supergirl story in every incarnation that comes before, we hope you'll enjoy seeing a new take that still honors what we all love about character.

Check out the complete interview at AICN's website.

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