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July 6, 2011: Tom DeFalco Talks "Superman Beyond"

Superman Beyond #0 Newsarama caught up with writer Tom DeFalco to find out more about the up-coming "Superman Beyond #0" one-shot special coming out in August. Here's part of the interview...

    Newsarama: Tom, what can you tell us about the Superman Beyond #0 one-shot? This is the same character we've seen in other recent comics, right?

    Tom DeFalco: Yes, this character has appeared a couple times before, on one of the animated episodes, and he was in a Superman/Batman Annual. When we last saw, he was taken off into space to be, essentially, a space tourist. He just wanted to go hang out in space.

    Nrama: When DC came to you, that's basically all you had?

    DeFalco: Yep. I had the background, and they said to me, can you do a story where he comes back to earth?

    So we're bringing him back to earth!

    Of course, that's the easy part. Superman grew up in Kansas, and he's a resident of Earth. It makes perfect sense for him to come home.

    But sometimes when you go home, after having been away for a while, things have changed.

    Nrama: What's going on with this character as he returns home?

    DeFalco: He's in that place of life that I think anyone can identify with, because he's trying to figure out his new role now that things have changed. I think everyone's searching, and for Superman, the search is because he's lost his wife, his one true love,. He has lost his wife, his one true love. And he's getting up there in the years, in the twilight of his career. And he wants to figure out what comes next.

    He has spent most of his years at the "office," so to speak, fighting supervillains. But now the world has kind of passed him by. He has to figure out, where does he fit in? What kind of a life is he going to have now in the "Beyond" world?

Check out Newsarama.com for the complete interview.

Look for "Superman Beyond #0" to hit shelves on August 24.

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