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April 14, 2011: Tiny Titans Turns the DC Universe Pink

Tiny Titans #39 DC's "The Source" blog gives us an inside look at "Tiny Titans #39" an issue that turns the DC Universe pink... thanks to a quote taken from "Superman: The Movie".

    "The whole inspiration for this issue came from a familiar line to most comic and movie buffs, 'I like pink very much, Lois!' In this issue, we take that line to heart and turn everything PINK! We get to use the entire DC Universe and spin them with our take. I can't believe issue #39 is here already. It seems like we were just getting underway with the first issue! This book is so much fun, I can't wait until we're talking about issue #139!" Franco continued. "The Pink Issue! This is an idea we had for a long time! Being a lifelong fan of the Superman movie, working on this issue brought out the 8-year-old in me! Aw Yeah PINK! Aw Yeah DC! Aw Yeah TITANS!" Art replied.

Read the complete article at DC's "The Source", where you can also check out interior pages from "Tiny Titans #39", which goes on sale April 20.

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