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May 9, 2011: Paul Cornell Talk About "Reign of Doomsdays"

Action Comics #901 Newsarama.com spoke with "Action Comics" writer Paul Cornell to get the inside word on what's next for Superman and his friends in the on-going "Reign of Doomsdays" story. Here's a small part of the interview...

    Nrama: Let's talk about what comes next. In "Reign of Doomsdays," each of these Doomsdays have different powers?

    Cornell: Yes! Lex made a bunch of clones of the original, and they've each been set up to snare one of the different Super-characters. The aim was to bring them all to a place which would trap Superman. A trap which, in the end, Lex didn't need, but which he'd set up in advance anyway.

    At the start of the Joker issue, he talks about setting up his "Plan B," and that's what that referred to.

    So we have all these different Doomsdays. One of them was bad enough, is the thought.

Read the entire interview at Newsarama.com.

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