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Young Justice: Targets #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 27, 2022
Cover date: February 2023

"Last Rights"

Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Christopher Jones
Cover: Christopher Jones and Jason Wright
Variant Cover: Meghan Hetrick

Reviewed by: Tony Parker
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At Madinat Altharwati, Queen Perdita finds herself surrounded by Vertigo, Queen Bee, Psimon, and the now half down (Arrowette, Tigress, Miss Martian) half brainwashed (Red Arrow, Arsenal, Halo) Alpha Squad. Seeing her friends 'dead', Perdita blames Vertigo, but he admits that it was Lex's doing. However, he plans to become the figurehead of any potential nationlist uprising from all this madness.

In order for the final dominos to fall into place, Queen Bee orders Halo to kill Perdita. A flashback, however, reveals that Team Alpha was prepared for Queen Bee: To counteract her hypnosis, they used garlic pills, M'Gann's shapeshifting and resistance, and some hollywood trickery.

Halo strikes the villains, and the team head onto the next part of their mission. Miss Martian and Tigress go save Superboy, while the rest get Perdita to safety.

The duo comb through the goons like a knife through butter, while Stargirl lashes out at losing her cosmic staff, beating her obstacle, as do Beast Boy and Wondergirl. Superboy is still being destroyed by Metallo, but Miss Martian depowers the cyborg with tranquil fury. When called out for allowing Metallo to die, Miss Martian gives the kryptonite back.

At Lexcorp, Zatanna, Kladur'ahm and others confront Lex in a glamor concealed force bubble, telling him to back off of Perdita. Lex is unperturbed at first, but Kaldur'ahm scares him off.

At the Watchtower, Miss Martian explains that she had to let Metallo live and keep the kryptonite, and that everyone is safe and alive, including the failed Superboy clone.

At the Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City, the comatose victims finally wake up, and the Green Arrow family plus Beast Boy all greet Perdita with happiness, grateful to have finally saved her...

In a flashback, Tigress thinks back to exactly 6 years previously, when Wally had made Perdita a promise. He had, 4 years previous to that, donated her a heart in a heart transplant, and the two had become fast friends. He had promised Perdita that she can be scared, and ask him for help, and he would in no time. But then he died, and Perdita found a way to move on, thanks to Beast Boy and the others keeping Wally's promise.

The end...

For now...

4Story - 4: The story picked up more towards the end here, with some nice emotional moments, especially in Wally's flashback, and there were also some decent set pieces, like how the heroes stopped Queen Bee.

Admittedly, I don't know what I think of this run in general. Being an outsider (pun intended) to this show, some things that probably should have hit harder didn't, and some things were just not that interesting. It often felt like a filler episode, the story had much emotional potential, but often it felt like we were just moving the plot along for the sake of more action, of getting to the end rather than enjoying the adventure. The lack of a proper main character didn't help either, the Green Arrow family are supposedly the heart of this story, but outside of the great flashbacks, you barely feel it. Heck, as much as I liked Wally's flashback, who outside the show's fanbase could have seen that coming, it's almost a non sequitur.

However, that doesn't mean that none of the emotional moments hit, that none of the action beats hit, that it isn't good. It IS a good story, especially if you like this show. I do wish it was a bit more accessible to outside fans, but seeing as this is set after S4 or something, I can't really complain. A decent in between seasons story for those of you who liked Young Justice!

3Art - 3: Not much to say, the usual solid artwork, nothing really standout. I like the Wally funeral splash page, but that's about it.

2Cover Art - 2: Nothing special, you'd barely know it was the final issue.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: For once, it has more to do with the story, so I like that, and it's got some nice warm colors!

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