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Knight Terrors #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 11, 2023
Cover date: September 2023

"Knight Terrors: Dead on Arrival"

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Giuseppe Camunicoli and Caspar Wijngaard
Cover: Ivan Reis and Danny Miki
Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina
Variant Cover: Alex Maleev
Variant 1:25: Evan "Doc" Shaner
Variant 1:50: Alex Maleev
Variant 1:100: Ivan Reis
Darkest Hour Variant: Ivan Reis

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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"Knight Terrors: Dead on Arrival" picks up right after the prologue, with Deadman and his fight with the dream villain Insomnia. Deadman finds who Insomnia is and what he is looking for. Deadman believes he knows where the Nightmare Stone is, but before going after the stone he enlists a master of dreams. The story features Deadman who possesses Batman's body as he confronts the new villain, Insomnia. We get the origin of Insomnia who claims to be the God of Nightmares. Powered by the Lazarus storm, Insomnia has the ability to enter the minds of people through their dreams. As a patient in Arkham Tower he entered the mind of fellow patient, John Dee where he learned about the Nightmare Stone. An object so powerful that John Dee, also known as Dr. Destiny, hid it in the dreams of some unknown individual. It is because of John Dee that Insomnia began to invade people's dreams searching for the Nightmare Stone.

4Story - 4: A great start to this new Joshua Williamson event! Let's hope it ends just as strongly!

As we learned in "First Blood," Insomnia has induced the whole DC universe into a dreamstate and now we know what he is looking for. It is also confirmed that not everyone has been forced into this dreamstate. Besides Deadman, it is confirmed that Zatanna as well as some others including Red Tornado, have escaped this fate. It seems that those others have their own battles to fight, while Deadman finds a different ally using knowledge gained through his possession of Batman.

3Art - 3: This art is cool, just short of a 4 out 5. Outside of Insomnia, the characters look great. Lots of use of black and red. Everything is muted and lacking bright colors; all which reflects the horror theme of the story. In general with Insomnia, the event design design team missed the mark in developing a new villain that will have a lasting visual impact.

3Cover Art - 3: An interesting Ivan Reis and Danny Miki cover. This cover definitely reflects the issue's story. The focus of the cover is Insomnia as he tries to eat Batman and Deadman. The eyelid-less Insomnia is creepy, but not interesting, but that is related to the characters' design issues. Reis and Miki can only work with what they are giving.

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