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Superman: Lost #6 Superman: Lost #6

Superman: Lost #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 12, 2023
Cover date: November 2023

"Rockets Red Glare"

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Carlo Pagulayan
Cover: Pagulayan Jason Paz with Elmer Santos
Variant Cover: Lee Weeks with Elizabeth Breitweiser
1:25 Variant Cover: Gary Frank with Brad Anderson

Reviewed by: Marc Lax
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Bruce Wayne making an appearance at the Justice League satellite finds Superman floating outside in deep thought. Bruce wants to know Superman made it home? We then flashback to year thirteen at the farm where Clark is standing over Szhemi's grave. He discusses with Hope about still wanting to try to save the planet after all these years. Though he's losing his powers he and Hope travel the planet asking for help from the world leaders. They all turn them down. But they agree on one thing. They want Clark to leave! Victor tells Clark that they built an ark to send him home. Several years later Victor comes to the farm angry that Clark hasn't left. He tells him how Szhemi discovered the interval that could send Clark home. Suddenly Hope blasts Victor with her ring. She screams that Clark can't leave, she dos not want to be alone. Clark finally realizes that Hope was the one who killed Szhemi. Hope and Superman have an epic battle when Superman realizes the ring that Hope is wearing is an older ring that is still ineffective against the color yellow. With the yellow on his cape Superman punches Hope. After defeating her Superman arrives at the ark still hoping there is a way to help the planet, but one of the rebels tells him to stop worrying about them, they've chose this way of life. The rebel tells Superman to just concentrate on getting home. The ark isn't going to make it. The computer tells him to abort but Superman refuses, still believing he can save them when a hand grabs his cape. It's an old man telling Superman to go back before his actions kills them all. The old man is Superman from the future!

3Story - 3: I think my rating is closer to 3.5. These last two issues have picked up the pace and the story is finally starting to get to the heart of what happens to Superman. There's much less exposition than previous issues. That constant telling and retelling of how Superman got lost and Victor droning on about the war and how Superman should leave, etc, etc. While there is a bit of that it does not overshadow the action. I'm sure Clark suspected Hope had something to do with Szhemi's death. He's been in denial. And while we know Superman would never give up on saving the planet he starts to realize that maybe it's time to try to move on. I'm glad they didn't drag Hope's plot line out for several issues. Though the whole yellow defeating the Green Lantern ring was thrown in rather abruptly. One quick punch with a yellow piece of cloth was just too easy. But it finally ended that part of the story so I won't argue too much. One of he things that does bother me about this story is that at this point Clark has seemed to give up. I find this out of character. Sure he's been lost for well over a decade but it seems years go buy and he's just contemplating his situation while occasionally making an effort to help save the planet. The end of this issue though shows he hasn't lost all hope and will still try to save this planet even if it kills him. Again I'm very conflicted about the direction of this book. I do feel it's getting better but it still meanders. Maybe I'm missing the point but it just feels that this is all for nothing. I admit that last page has me intrigued. Old man Superman!? I hope this turns out to be something that is really great and helps jump start this story as we proceed through the back half of this story.

4Art - 4: One thing I've really never had an issue with is the art. Pagulayan is a fantastic artist and illustrates the story with strong images and makes this book an visual treat!

4Cover Art - 4: The cover is illustrated well and gives us a glimpse into what will happen in the story.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: Weeks is an incredible artist but this drawing is just a simple depiction of Superman and Batman. It's not bad by any means just nothing special for a variant.

31:25 Variant Cover Art - 3: Again Gary Frank's art can be stunning (sometimes) but for a special variant cover it doesn't jump off the page. Nothing special about this one either.

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