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DC: Mech #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 27, 2021
Cover date: February 2023

"DC: Mech"

Writer: Kenny Porter
Artist: Balbemar Rivas
Cover: Balbemar Rivas
Variant Covers: Dan Mora, Ricardo López Ortiz

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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DC: Mech #5 DC: Mech #6 The final issue of "DC: Mech" comes in strong and sets up for a potential sequel if earned. Overall this is a Superman series. The story started with the arrival of Superman on Earth and it ends with Superman's defeat of the Apokoliptian forces. Defeat is not quite right, victory is more the word though, as Darkseid manages to escape to fight another day.

Focusing on the final battle, the issue starts with the heroes and Earth forces taking the fight to the Apokoliptian invaders. Their plan is for the main force to take on the Apokoliptian fleet while Superman and Batman go after Darkseid and Apokolips itself. The battle plan to take out Apokolips is the same as the plan from the original Star Wars movie, to take out the core of the planet.

En route, Superman and Batman are attacked by BiZArrO, meanwhile Lex Luthor is planning his escape via a mech that looks like his traditional power suit. With Luthor out of the picture full control of the Earth's forces are given to Carol Ferris.

With Superman and Batman distracted by BiZArrO, Darkseid takes the offensive as we see Apokolips itself transform into a giant Darkseid mech. With BiZArrO being cloned from Superman, Superman and the Earth's Heroes are able to rationalize with it and turn it to their side. BiZArrO proceeds to sacrifice itself for its new friends by flying through the core of the Apokolips mech. Thanks to BiZArrO's sacrifice Superman is able to land the final blow to secure the victory for the united Earth forces. The story ends with Darkseid retreating, Lex Luthor joining forces with other villains, and the heroes officially establishing the Justice Squadron.

3Story - 3: This final issue of "DC: Mech" ends on a strong note. However, the story wraps up quickly and pacing could have been slowed for more reader impact. Overall, I give the series a 3 out 5 rating. It is a fun story with many nods to the DC mythos.

3Art - 3: The art for the series has been consistent throughout, but there have also been many storytelling problems. After six issues, I believe those problems can be attributed to storytelling sacrifices by the writer. This leads to a lack of real estate for the artist to let key scenes breathe. An example of this is the death of Hal Jordan in the last issue, the sacrifice of BiZArrO, and the defeat of Darkseid in this issue.

4Cover Art - 4: This cover showcases the Apokolips mech feeding on the Earth with the heroes looking on. This is the cover I would recommend.

4Variant Cover - 4: This variant is the final in a series of cover designs that showcases the mech's schematics. This month's variant showcases Darkseid and the Apokolips mech.

31:25 Variant Cover - 3: This variant by López Ortiz, depicts a battered, but victorious Justice Squadron.

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