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Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #6 Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #6

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 10, 2023
Cover date: December 2023

"Chapter 6"

Writer: Kenny Porter
Artist: Jahnoy Lindsay
Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay
Variant Cover: Fatima Wajid
1:25 Variant Cover: David Talaski

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #6 Travv has been transformed into a cyborg Superboy. His brain and cybernetics possessed a cloned body of Superboy. Pira and Rotur, before Conner could hold them back, attacked the newly powered Travv. Both were defeated easily and lucky for them, Travv had enough humanity left in him to not kill his friends.

Kon-El knowing that Travv is now super powered is not looking forward to the fight and knows he has to end it quickly before Travv can do anymore damage to innocents or the planet. Travv gets the first hit and the fight goes back and forth for four pages. Finally, Superboy pushes back Travv's city destroying blast attack to defeat him. Something out of Dragonball Z.

Travv is left barely alive, holding their defeated friend Pira and Rotur are left remorseful for their roles in Travv's crusade. Conner is ready to move forward towards a better tomorrow and he knows his new friends will have to pay for their actions. No sooner does Guy Gardner and Kyler Rayner, along with a team of Green Lanterns, arrive to take the Cosmoteers and Dominator X to justice.

Conner has learned what it means to wear the "S". It means to make a difference and to be a part of a better tomorrow. Conner found what it means to be accepted, respected, and a part of a family; the Superman Family. Most importantly, he has found his role in that family and with Kelex's transporter, he can now go any place in the universe that needs his help.

3Story - 3: In this final installment of Superboy, Conner becomes the man of tomorrow. Trading his signature leather jacket for the jackets that the Superfamily have been wearing since the beginning of the Dawn of DC.

Overall, I found the story rewarding and uplifting. We have to remember that the original story started off as a pitch for last year's DC Round Robin. It is safe to say that that pitch changed significantly to fit as well as it does under the Dawn of DC banner. I would say that it does a good job fitting in as one of the Action Comics and Superman support books. The Dawn of DC Superfamily does not have much room to breathe in the main books as the stories focus largely on Superman. "Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow" does a good job at giving Conner a fun character building side story.

3Art - 3: Summarizing the art in this issue as well as in the series. The storytelling and colors by Lindsay is the strongest part. Where needed, I think the panel background art works well. For example, one panel, at least, per page is used to establish location. Characters for the most part are recognizable and consistent.

Lindsay serves as the art team, and perhaps with the support of an inker, the final images could have been tighter. For the sake of time, it is impossible to have perfect art in comics, however, the overall art in this series has been loose. If most artists say that they spend more time on one panel per page, it has been hard to tell in this series where Lindsay spends time.

3Cover Art - 3: I like the cover layout. Superboy is at the center in the foreground. Superman is hovering above him, but our eye is drawn back to Conner with Supergirl and Super-Man's hands placed on his shoulders. Unless you like Superman looking like a clean shaven Charles Bronson, it is the stylistic art style that is the weak point of the cover.

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