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Knight Terrors #2

Knight Terrors #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 25, 2023
Cover date: September 2023

"Knight Terrors: Dead Rising"

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Giuseppe Camunicoli and Caspar Wijngaard
Cover: Ivan Reis and Danny Miki
Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina
Variant Cover: Mahmud Asrar
Variant 1:25: Jeff Spokes
Variant 1:50: Ivan Reis
Variant 1:100: Mahmud Asrar
Darkest Hour Variant: Ivan Reis

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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We start off with a story-intro by Deadman which leads into a conversation with Batman (Deadman) and Sandman. Picking up where issue one left off, Deadman is questioning Sandman because he saw him while he was in possession of Insomnia.

Sandman explains what he knows about the Nightmare Stone and says that he has seen it before, but does not know where it is. Sandman wants to help find the Nightmare Stone before Insomnia, because he knows the dangers if Insomnia can get his hands on the stone first.

Meanwhile, Insomnia is still in the nightmares of others searching for clues on where the stone could be. Batman (Deadman) and Sandman follow a distress call to Terrifictech where they find Red Tornado who is working with other robots like the Metal Men to save a world that has fallen asleep. Red Tornado warns Deadman that this nightmare state has the potential to be permanent if not reversed in time.

The story ends with Deadman realizing that he still has connection with Insomnia from when he possessed him. This connection lets him know that Insomnia is trapped in the nightmare realm and that he so far has been unable to find the Nightmare Stone. Finally, we are introduced to Insomnia's Sleepless Knights, who are holding the severed head of Red Tornado.

4Story - 4: As an event, "Knight Terrors" is shaping to be a terroriffic summer event. "Knight Terrors #2" in terms of action is underwhelming, as it serves as a background issue building up the story. On the other hand, as a background issue, Dead Rising is still very enjoyable. Sandman introduces us to a 1940s cult that worshiped the Nightmare Stone. Insomnia is tracking down any surviving members of this cult to find the stone. Besides Batman who is possessed by Deadman, we now have a zombie-esque Sandman and cool new villains the Sleepless Knights.

3Art - 3: The art is so good that it makes three pages of Batman (Deadman) and Sandman standing and talking in the rain look interesting. As I mentioned in my review of issue one, the design of Insomnia is uninspiring. But in this issue the design of the Sleepless Knights is awesome. This cool factor leads you to believe that the real villains in the end may be the Knights.

4Cover Art - 4: It is knight and day between issue #1 and issue #2's covers. Both the same creative team this cover has a great design layout as well as good storytelling. We see Sandman with three candles on his shoulder and his head rising out of his coffin. The gothic graveyard fading out at the bottom almost looks like it's on fire. Sandman makes this cover, as he stands in the center with a smoking gas gun in hand.

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