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Superman #5

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 20, 2023
Cover date: August 2023

"Chapter Five: The Power of Love"

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Cover: Jamal Campbell
Variant Cover #1: Lee Bermejo
Variant Cover #2: Jorge Fornés
Variant Cover #3: Mikel Janin
1:25 Variant Cover: Hayden Sherman
1:50 Variant Cover: John Cassaday
Pride Variant Cover: W. Scott Forbes

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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Jimmy tries to keep Superman and Silver Banshee apart and momentarily calm Siobhan by the two sweethearts admitting their love for one another. The moment doesn't last and whatever Dr. Pharm and Graft did to Siobhan overpowers her.

Superman rebuffs Luthor's ideas until they agree on a solution and when Mercy and Supercorp arrives exactly on cue with an experimental laser cannon that will 'neutralise' Banshee he questions their motives.

Siobhan uses the distraction to save everyone from danger and escapes. Superman reluctantly allows Jimmy to join him in a skyward chase. Siobhan begs them to leave her alone in case they get hurt. The Phantom Zone energy attacks Superman and this gives Jimmy a chance to reach out.

Siobhan is surprised that Jimmy put himself in danger donning a Supercorp flightpack and dodging her screams. Jimmy explains that they have a device that can reverse what was done to her.

It works and Siobhan gives Superman key information about Dr. Pharm and Graft. Superman decides that he's had enough being on the back foot and races to the underground tunnels.

He is met by a hologram of Dr. Pharm and Graft that applauds how he saved all of his recent attackers without killing them. The villains warn Superman about his alliance and reveal that Lex has been keeping a deadly secret called "Project Chained".

Later, as Lois and Clark are rushing to a local bar they don't notice Marilyn Moonlight watching their every move. Clark admits to Lois that the attack by Silver Banshee has temporarily damaged his super hearing, and they enjoy a rare night off from emergencies.

In Stryker's Lex ponders what life would have been like if he and Clark had forged a partnership in Smallville. When Superman doesn't respond to the comms mic, especially after such an out of character moment, Lex realizes his guard escorts have vanished.

And then something shocking happens...

To Be Continued... in "Superman 2023 Annual #1" an "Superman #6".

4Story - 4: I haven't seen a Jimmy Olsen-centric story for many, many, years and though the relationship with Siobhan takes centre stage, there was still more than enough of Superman and Lex to keep the main story arc going. I enjoyed seeing both Superman and Lex struggling with roads not taken. I was genuinely suprised that Lex would even consider how different his life would be had he remained friends with Clark.

The writing has been consistently good, I'm really enjoying this new direction.

4Art - 4: The Phantom Zone energy threw me a bit, I'm not sure if its the coloring and digital effects, but it was a little too busy and detracted from what was a fantastic book in art, composition and effect.

4Cover Art - 4: A really cool concept piece. Very creative and a much better effect of the Banshee scream. If I'd change anything it would be to remove the single heat vision eye.

5Variant Cover Art #1 - 5: Wow what a fantastic cover. Atmospheric, emotive... it is a visual masterpiece.

3Variant Cover Art #2 - 3: I like concept of this cover art, will Superman get to Lois before it's too late? The beog loss nor me is the white space. It really makes the cover feel unpolished.

5Variant Cover Art #3 - 5: This is the only cover so far that focuses on hero/villain power couple of Jimmy and Siobhan. I have to say I think that this is my favorite variant cover. From the kiss to the crackling supernatural energy flickering from Silver Banshee it radiates a style that is really appealing, much like the interior art.

51:25 Variant Cover Art - 5: A really power image with real psychological edge. It has a very minimalist approach but in doing so has created the boldest cover image. It really makes you rethink a lot of the scenes in previous issues an two scenes in particular this issue.

41:50 Variant Cover Art - 4: Is it just me or is this sketch cover art giving off George Reeves' Superman energy? If it isn't I am very surprised but I can't unsee it! For a sketch its a very strong image and makes you wonder if it had the same treatment as the others, in regards to digital clean up, inking and coloring what would it look like?

3Pride Variant Cover Art - 3: A bright and soft warmth palette really enhances this years Pride variant. I am personally not a fan of the character designs and line work here but it definitely has a feeling of family and on that basis I'm sure it will be a fan favorite.

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