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Action Comics #1057 Action Comics #1057

Action Comics #1057

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 26, 2023
Cover date: November 2023

Cover: Steve Beach
Variant Covers: Jorge Jimenez, David Taslaski, Rafael Albuquerque, Al Barrionnuevo, Annette Kwok and Mikel Janin

Reviewed by: Marc Lax
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"New Worlds" - Part One

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Rafa Sandoval

Superman is having lunch on a skyscraper with a former convict who, with Superman's influence, has reformed. His super hearing picks up a message from Lois telling him to get back to the Daily Planet pronto. Seems the leader of the Blue Earthers wants to give an interview and asked for Clark personally. With encouragement from Lois, Clark sets out for the interview. Dorian the leader's bodyguard starts shoving everyone around until Norah Stone, the organization's leader, appears. Through the interview Clark is monitoring Norah's heart rate to tell if she's lying. Through most of the interview she is. She tells Clark she's never told her members to hurt anyone. Lie. And how the mission of Blue Earth is to save humanity from alien threats that are trying to colonize Earth. Lie. She tries to justify the deaths that have been caused by the group and then uses an analogy referencing Superman, saying with all that power he has he's a threat and if they were to destroy him would that be murder. Clark enthusiastically says yes. In the end Lois realizes that this young woman is on a crusade. Later Lois congratulates Clark on the interview. Suddenly Clark starts to sweat. He's not looking very good. As he enters the elevator he comes face to face with Stone's bodyguard Dorian who turns out to be more than he seems. He begins to turn green and starts attacking Clark. He says everything is Clark's fault and without his interference they may never have come. After Clark gains some semblance of what has actually happening he's powerless and facing... Superman?

5Story - 5: This was a fantastic issue! I think what I enjoyed most was this was more a Clark story than a Superman one. We don't get enough of those. It's obvious Norah Stone's agenda is even more sinister than it seemed. This new storyline is going to focus on a powerless Clark still showing what he can do as Superman. Dorian is obviously a shapeshifter though that's not totally clear. But whenever an issue ends with Superman facing another Superman it's always a good thing. Lois' part as editor and chief of the Daily Planet so far has been an amazing arc for her and I look forward to every issue to see how she handles the next crisis. Don't get me wrong I hope Perry returns relatively soon but I have a feeling Lois might not go back to being just a journalist. There's another editor's job somewhere in her future. Phillip Kennedy Johnson has been killing it as writer. Before his run on the Super books I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of him. Now he's one of my go to writers. I loved this issue and I'm really excited to see where this story is heading.

4Art - 4: The art this issue was impressive. Some really good reaction shots and Sandoval has a really good handle on these characters. His Clark was right on point.

"Home Again" - Part 7

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Lee Weeks

Lois worries about Clark and Jon while Doombreaker floats in stasis alongside her. Meanwhile on the planet P'Luhnn Clark comes to the rescue finding Jon's cell. The princess is none too happy. Neither is the mysterious hologram who has been running things behind the scenes this whole time. The princess lets loose the Killameks but Clark and Jon put a stop to them quickly. Back on the farm Doombreaker gets loose but then disappears in front of Lois' eyes. Back on planet P'Luhnn the princesses' parents apologize for her actions but tell Clark she must have been under someone's influence for she wouldn't have acted this way on her own. Meanwhile Glyanna flies off with her mysterious holographic friend only to find she has a passenger. Doombreaker! Clark and Jon return to the farm for breakfast. Jon asks Clark if it's true he had a mullet when he returned from the dead. He's says it was just long hair. Lois said it was a mullet. It's not a mullet!

4Story - 4: This was a great ending to this story. While Glyanna and the problems on planet P'Luhnn weren't all that exciting, this was really just an excuse to show Clark and Jonathan in action (pun intended). The way the two of them worked together was what this story was about and does make me miss those "Superman and son" stories during Rebirth. Still at least we had Jurgens and Weeks telling this story and bringing back Doombreaker to boot. Obviously the ending is setting up a continuation. When? I don't know but I'll be looking forward to it.

5Art - 5: I want Lee Weeks back on a regular Superman book. We got this story but I'd love a monthly. As usual his pencils were outstanding and he's one of the best when it comes to interpreting Lois, Clark, and Jon. Superman breaking into Jon's cell wearing the black suit looked fantastic. Here's hoping there's more Weeks in Superman's future.

"Super is as Super Does"

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Mathew Clark

Basically Conner is sick of living in Superman's shadow. M'gann tries helping telepathically but Conner gets angry and tells her to get out of his head. He dreams he's the one who died fighting Doomsday and the funeral and memorial were for him. But he's just a stand-in for Superman and when anyone sees him they think of Superman. He flies home in a huff and confronts a worried Ma Kent. Conner goes to his room and sulks.

3Story - 3: I guess this is a serviceable story continuing Conner's adventures. Not reading his recent series I'm not really sure where this all fits. You do have to feel bad for Conner. He's basically just living Clark's life and doesn't seem to have a purpose. It's nice to see that Martha thinks of him as a son and I know he really does love the Kents but he really has to find a place for himself in the world.

3Art - 3: While I wasn't that impressed by the art I did enjoy the dream sequence where it was drawn like a nineties comic. Brought back a lot of nostalgia.

3Cover Art - 3: While eye catching, it just seemed too busy and I wasn't thrilled with the coloring. Not a bad cover by any means.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: Nice shirt rip and transformation but nothing special.

2Variant Cover Art - 2: Keenan and Supergirl flying around with tires? Did I miss something? Anyway they were drawn well.

4Variant Cover Art - 4: A solid picture of Superman in his "it just tickles" pose. I like it.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: Good drawing of the Superman Family giving it their all!

3Variant Cover Art - 3: I guess this cover gives us what we want. I mean who doesn't want to see the DC heroes fight Godzilla? Still a little too much red.

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