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Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 20, 2023
Cover date: August 2023

"Chapter 3: Surfs' Up!"

Writer: Kenny Porter
Artist: Jahnoy Lindsay
Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay
Variant Cover: Ricardo López Ortiz
1:25 Variant Cover: Tom Reilly

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #3 Superboy and the Cosmoteers are on the attack bringing the fight to Dominator X and his allies. This success brings Dominator X to trial where he is sentenced to be excommunicated for his failure. Before the sentence can be carried out, we see him release, in his own words, his masterpiece, "Infinity". Meanwhile, the Daxamite, Cosmoteer Tarvv, is acting jealous of Conner and seems to have ulterior motives.

3Story - 3: A strong issue with a good story and good plotting. This issue reminds me of "the good old days" using Superboy's own words from the issue. Conner believes he has found new friends in the Cosmoteers. The Cosmoteers are successful in bringing the attack to Dominator X and his allies supported by the Boy of Steel.

Superboy single handedly takes out the Khund Fleet which impresses the Cosmoteers, except for Tarrvv. Tarvv does not only have problems with Conner, he seems to also be hiding something from his team. Behind their backs, Tarvv is handing out "Cosmoteer rings" to the aliens that they save. On top of this, although not exactly clear, Travv accidentally or purposefully fails to report to the Green Lanterns the capture of the prisoners on the planet Andono.

The report of Superboy's and the Cosmoteers' victories are getting back to the Dominator high command and are doing him more harm than good. Dominator X is charged with exile, just short of execution, but perhaps as the Greeks thought, an even worse punishment.

Dominator X's most powerful warrior, Infinity, is unleashed.

3Art - 3: Good art, but the character design is inconsistent. Superboy is wonky in many panels. In most cases, he looks nothing like the classic Conner we are familiar with. The drawing of faces is a style choice by Jahnoy Lindsay, but it leaves most characters looking dopey.

4Cover Art - 4: This is the best cover of the three. Superboy, whose back is to us, is facing against a fleet of warships with a digitally colored space background.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: A fun variant, but a sketchy and very characterized Conner.

31:25 Variant Cover Art - 3: Basic random digital cover. Two separate images mashed together. No thought for physics needed.

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