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Knight Terrors: Night's End #1

Knight Terrors: Night's End #1 (One Shot)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 29, 2023
Cover date: October 2023

"Knight Terrors: Night's End"

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Howard Porter and Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover: Howard Porter
Variant Cover: Simone Di Meo
Variant Cover: Mico Suayan
Variant 1:25: Dan Mora
Variant 1:50: Kendrick Lim
Variant 1:100: Mico Suayan
Variant 1:250: Howard Porter
Darkest Hour Variant: Howard Porter

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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This issue's prologue is a background set up for what the average person has experienced while in the nightmare state that Insomnia induced during the main event book. We see that Insomnia has built up fear of the Justice League for the average person. Now with everyone awake and Insomnia in control of the Nightmare Stone, those nightmares have been unleashed into the real world. As a "reward" for bringing him the Nightmare Stone, Insomnia offers Deadman a family because he believes this is what Boston wants more than anything.

With Boston distracted, the Justice League try their hand against Insomnia, but they are checked by his real life nightmares. With a quick hand offered by Sandman, Boston is able to reject Insomnia's gift and re-engage with him. We find out that Deadman is one of the only ones that can directly affect Insomnia after he killed himself to acquire the Nightmare Stone. Unfortunately, Insomnia is quick to counter Deadman with a new mental attack.

Meanwhile, the Justice League is still fighting back Insomnia nightmare creations. With the other heroes busy, Zatanna and Robotman take on and defeat the Sleepless Knights. With the nightmare creations in check the team of heroes decide to go back where it all started, the Hall of Justice where they found the John Dee nightmare construct. They deduce that Insomnia was interested in the Hall of Justice because it is where Batman stored the Dreamstone.

Sandman takes possession of the Dreamstone in hopes to counter the power of the Nightmare Stone. Deadman again overcomes Insomnia's mental attacks. Even though Sandman has the Dreamstone, Deadman sacrifices himself to regain control of the Knightmare Stone and defeat Insomnia. With Insomnia defeated and Deadman gone, Sandman returns to his eternal sleep. Unfortunately, Batman collapses from exhaustion caused by the stress Deadman put on Bruce Wayne's body during the main book of "Knight Terrors". Was the battle with Insomnia a win or loss with Deadman missing, Batman in a coma, and with the hero doubt created by Insomnia's nightmares?

4Story - 4: After a rewarding main event book, and shutting down all the main books to have two months of the event support books, this event was actually unrewarding. Of the support books I read, it made it seem that most characters would have more to do in this epilogue issue. In reality this event conclusion like the main book was focused on Deadman and Sandman. Most characters had only a footnote appearance after the main conflict was over.

These post "Dawn of Justice" events have been focused on breaking down the Justice League and people's trust in heroes. Some of this mistrust has been orchestrated by Amanda Waller, while some of the events like Knight Terrors have been to her fortune.

3Art - 3: Giuseppe Camuncoli, the main artist from the "Knight Terrors" event, helps out on art in this epilogue issue. The conclusion and most of the Deadman stuff was completed by Giuseppe. Compared to the main book, his art here is more sketchy to blend better with the Howard Porter sections. Porter completed the intro and most of the Justice League sections. Unlike his DC art from the 2000s, Flash and JLA, or even his newer DC work, Porter's art in this book is more sketchy and extra stylized. While this style works for the horror and the nightmare state of the Knight Terrors, I prefer the cleaner sections completed by Giuseppe.

3Cover Art - 3: You can judge this book by the cover. The cover not only reflects the story, but the interior's sketchy art style as well. We see Insomnia and Deadman at each other's throats in background surprint. In the foreground we see Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman fighting the Sleepless Knights.

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