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Adventure Comics #5

September 29, 2009: Dan DiDio Talks "Adventure Comics"

Newsarama's "10 Answers & a Question with Dan DiDio" feature has Dan answering a question regarding Superboy and "Adventure Comics"...

    Who will be drawing Paul Levitz's Adventure Comics?

    DiDio: We don't have an artist finalized right now, but we guarantee there will be an artist on board, and once we're ready to announce what issue Paul will be taking over with, we'll have the artist attached at that time.

    Nrama: Does that mean Paul doesn't take over with Adventure Comics #7 once Geoff Johns' is gone after Issue #6?

    DiDio: He will not be jumping on with Issue #7. He'll be coming on a little bit later down the line. There will be a couple of issues and an event taking place, a separate story arc, involving characters tied to the current goings on in the New Krypton storyline that's unfolding in Superman right now.

    Nrama: So when you say Superboy may show up in other comics, does this indicate Conner's fans will see him in the Superman books?

    DiDio: There's a good chance of that.

You can read the complete Q&A column at Newsarama.com.

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