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July 24, 2009: Exclusive Coverage of "Superman: Two Worlds" Panel

Superman Homepage reporters Ivan Jaime and Luis Jaime filed a report from the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con "Superman: Two Worlds" panel:

The SDCC Superman Two Worlds panel was attended by Ian Sattler, Matt Idelson, Francis Manapaul, Geoff Johns, Jamal Igle, James Robinson, Sterling Gates, and Greg Rucka.

A morning crowd was hot from the start for this Superman comics panel. It seemed that Greg Rucka would be late. As soon as everyone sat down, the crowd started cheering.

"You're all cheering for Geoff anyway." One of the creators said.


The first topic up for discussion was Codename: Patriot. This crossover will run in August through all the Super books. General Lane will become the supreme strategist that will lead into the "huge" event in 2010. Robinson said that he made Jamal cry when he showed him the opening splash page.

Greg Rucka then showed up and took a seat as everyone cheered for him.

Next up, Adventure Comics by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapaul. It will have Superboy, Wonder Girl, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Lex Luthor, Superman, and Krypto. Manapaul said, "It's a charming book. You can actually show it to your mom."

James Robinson said it reminds you of a Ray Bradbury type of book with super people. Like anything can jump out at you from deep within a cornfield. Manapaul added it has a Norman Rockwell feeling to it.

The Legion will also be appearing in Adventure Comics. A fan asked which Legion would appear? Johns replied, "all of them."

In September Secret Origins comes out. Fans asked for details and Johns said, "It's Gary Frank. That's all you need to know. It's his best work. He was born to draw Superman."

October will bring us Hunt For Reactron which will be a Supergirl/Action Comics crossover. It is written by both Gates and Rucka. Gates said it's a "big story with a lot of big crazy moments. And lots of fighting."

Hunt For Reactron is a direct result of Codename: Patriot.

Codename: Patriot will affect every character in the Superman Books. It's a "game-changer" Rucka said.

Johns chimed in without missing a beat. "Adventure Comics doesn't change anything," he said playfully.

"It changes our hearts," Rucka responded.

Rucka and Robinson were talking about all the "damage" they're going to do to Metropolis. Someone asked if the Daily Planet had been rebuilt after Clayface destroyed it during Final Crisis. "The Flash rebuilt it," said Rucka. They also said that this is the first year they haven't knocked the globe off the top of the building.

In World of Krypton, The Thanagarians will show up because they have some bad blood with the Kryptonians. This starts when the Kryptonians try to steal one of Jupiter's moons because New Krypton needs a moon. Jemm, Son of Saturn, will appear as well. He is will be written as an alien version of Namor the Sub-Mariner. He will threaten the Kryptonians. The last three issues of the series will tie everything together, but they can't talk about it.

In Superman, Robinson said that during issues 694 - 699 we will see Mon-El, Man of Valor. By the end of the arc we will see him become darker and he will have a new costume.

The Superman Annual will feature the history of Daxam.

The Supergirl Annual will feature two stories, one of which is the secret origin of Superwoman with art by Bernard Chang.

Superman Secret origins will be similar to Green Lantern Secret Origins. It will feature Parasite's origin. Rudy Jones was a janitor at the Daily Planet and he's a total "moocher." He mooches off people's lunches, he complains about working double shifts, he's a real leach.

We will see Kryptonians vs. Black Lanterns in Blackest Night: Superman

World's Finest will run from October to January and will feature different Team-Ups with a member of the Superman universe teamed up with a member of the Batman universe.

Issue 1 is Chris Kent (Nightwing) and Tim Drake (Red Robin)

Issue 2 is Guardian and Damian (Robin)

Issue 3 is Supergirl and the mysterious new Batgirl

Issue 4 is Dick Grayson (Batman) and Commander El (Superman)

Superboy Prime will appear in Adventure Comics 4-5.

More updates to come. Look to the skies.

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