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May 5, 2009: Andrew Robinson Talks Covering Superman Comics

ComicBookResources.com caught up with artist Andrew Robinson to talk to him about his work painting covers for the DC Universe. Here's an excerpt where Robinson talks about his work on the Superman comic books...

    With "Superman" and "Action Comics," you're working again with James Robinson, who has a pretty distinctive storytelling style. When you work on a book over a long run, do you keep up with the stories and try and match what the writers and artists bring to the table in terms of tone and theme, outside of the relative plot points?

    I try to. I talked with James Robinson and Greg Rucka, but the hard part is that I'm trying to get covers done in time for a solicitation while sometimes the stories aren't quite finished yet. So I have a rough idea of what's going on, but it's basically a process of me getting information on the main characters of the book and trying to figure out what the setting might be. I just finished one that's Steel fighting Atlas, but I have to leave the background somewhat ambiguous because I'm not sure in the story where they're going to be. I try to just make things very natural and organic.

    With "Action Comics," you're drawing the Nightwing and Flamebird characters, who have new costumes whose finer points were not established when you began your work on the covers. What's the learning curve like on depicting a new character for a cover?

    Sadly, things are moving so fast that the character designs I got for the new costumes were very sparse. They were only shown from the front. So I'm constantly trying to get sequential pages for research, and that's been very challenging. I was hoping they'd let me design the costumes myself, but that wasn't in the cards. [laughs] I did get to design a couple of villains from Krypton that are on some covers coming up.

Check out the complete interview at the CBR website.

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