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JLA #33

May 30, 2009: Dwayne McDuffie Fired From JLA Comic

IGN.com reports that writer Dwayne McDuffie has been removed as writer on the "Justice League of America" comic book title due to comments he made online regarding the series...

    In a Q&A with comic book website Newsarama, DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio revealed that Len Wein would be the new writer of the JLA series until new plans were announced. "As of right now, Len's the writer of Justice League," said DiDio. "Once his arc is done, we'll be able to announce the new direction for the series."

    McDuffie clarified the situation on his boards later that day. "It was my own doing," posted McDuffie. "I was fired when [rumor column] "Lying in the Gutters" ran a compilation of two years or so of my answers to fans' questions on the DC Comics discussion boards. I'm told my removal had nothing to with either the quality of my work or the level of sales, rather with my revelation of behind-the-scenes creative discussions."

You can read the complete article at IGN.com.

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