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March 19, 2009: Dan DiDio Answers Questions About Superman Comics

Newsarama has once again caught up with Dan DiDio to ask him a series of questions about the DC Universe. Here are some of the Superman related questions...

    Q: When will Superman: Secret Origin be starting?

    DD: The Latter half of the year. Again, because some of the issues are oversized, we're actually waiting until we have a few in the can, because we want Secret Origin to roll out monthly over six months, so we want to make sure we're in a position that we can do that, confidently, and as I said, a lot of the things that were focusing on now are aimed at making sure we have enough material in the pipeline so we can be consistent in our delivery as promised.

Secret Origin

    Q: There was some talk about her appearing previously, but that died down, but is there any chance of Smallville's Chloe Sullivan appearing in the DCU?

    DD: No, there really isn't. Smallville is in its eighth season right now, and truth be told, if we were going to use Chloe, we would have used her at an earlier date. I think we missed our window on that.

    Q: That said, there is someone who will shortly be revisiting Clark Kent's early days and friendships in Smallville...

    DD: It...just wouldn't feel right. It feels like it's forcing something into the story that, unfortunately, would have no payoff in the current issues of Superman. Anything that might appear or reveal that we've never seen before in Superman: Secret Origin are definitely beats that will play out in the Superman books, or will be touched upon following Secret Origin, and Chloe would be a hard fit to add in, and explain why she hasn't been seen until now.

    Q: Will Power Girl be playing a role in what's going on in the Superman books, especially given that she's Kryptonian, and Kryptonians aren't allowed on earth anymore?

    DD: We've got 100,000 Kryptonians, and we have a really strong supporting cast with the characters in the four books of the Superman family right now, and more importantly, it's not her Krypton - and this is the moment when Power Girl has her first ongoing series. So because of that, we really want her to exist and succeed on her own merits, and build her own supporting cast in her own stories, her lore and her legend is tied more to things that take place in Justice Society than in Superman. And while she may have guest appearances in the Superman titles, I'd really prefer to have her own stories and sensibility, and become her own franchise.

Read the complete "20 Answers and 1 Question" interview at Newsarama.com.

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