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January 27, 2009: Colorist Explains Coloring Error in "Trinity #34"

Comic book colorist Pete Pantazis, who colored the lead story in last week's Trinity #34, wrote into the Superman Homepage to explain that a coloring error resulted in character Donna Troy wielding a magic golden lasso inexplicably on the last page of the lead story:

    Hi Barry! I am the colorist for the main storyline going on in Trinity. I wanted to clear something up, so that you were clear as to what happened. I goofed on the coloring of the magic lasso in issue 34 of Trinity. Donna was just supposed to have a regular rope that she was using , because she was remembering her former life. I made the goof and didn't catch it in time, that it wasn't supposed to be glowing. The next issue reflects this, and I apologize for making such a mistake. Hopefully we can fix this if and when there is a collected series. I am a big fan of the site and read each and every one of your guys' reviews of whatever work I do. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for writing in with that clarification Pete.

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