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World of New Krypton #10

October 6, 2009: Dan DiDio Talks Superman Comics

Newsarama's "10 Answers & A Question" with Dan DiDio has Dan answering a question about Superman comics and Superman's standing in the DC Universe...

    When will we ever see the impact of Superman being gone as a whole in the DCU outside of Metropolis? Meaning the reaction some of the other heroes have to him being gone and not just how Metropolis is reacting and the impact he made there but how the world is reacting?

    Dan DiDio: We're going to see some of that reaction as we get deeper into the story, as it starts to unfold. Superman, come the new year, will be returning to a level of prominence in the DC Universe, following his adventures on New Krypton. And then you'll see some of the ramifications from that.

    That's a good question, because you know what? We always want to show the connectiveness of the DC Universe, the continuity of the DC Universe, but we also want every story of each of the different comics to stand on their own. We could have other comics say, "Hey, where's Superman today? Where's Batman? Did you hear what happened to Wonder Woman?" But we only like to refer to those bits and pieces when they're really relevant to the stories that are taking place in those books and that we feel enhances the story of those. If there's a reason to mention why Superman is not there in, say, Green Arrow or Booster Gold, then we will. But it's not something that's just randomly thrown in, because each character is wrapped up in his own adventure at that particular time.

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