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March 25, 2009: Greg Rucka Talks "Action Comics"

ComicBookResources.com has published an interview with writer Greg Rucka in which he discusses "Action Comics".

SPOILER WARNING: Greg specifically talks about the identities of Nightwing and Flamebird... AKA Lor-Zod (Chris Kent) and Thara Ak-Var.

    "Action Comics Annual" #12 is where you find their back-story. We know about Chris, but the immediate question is, "Wait a second. Last time we saw him, he was six. What is this? Soap opera aging or what?" And no, it's not soap opera aging. It's comic book aging. There's a reason for it. And as seen at the start of the issue, he's roughly 15 or 16. And clearly, he's been that age long enough to be zipping around as Nightwing. At the end of the issue, he suffers from what we are referring to as "burst aging." And he goes from 16 to, well, his body accelerates about seven years, which is an exceptionally draining and painful process.

    The thing that people have to remember about Chris is that he is the only Kryptonian who isn't native Kryptonian -- as far as we know. He is actually native to the Phantom Zone. He was conceived and born in Fort Rozz in the Phantom Zone. So you take that and add a yellow sun, you're going to get some screwed up DNA [laughs]. So, Chris has a problem. Right now, it's very convenient. Twenty-three is a very functional age.

    That begs another question for readers: Okay, great, his body is 23. But why is his brain not 6?

    That will be answered. There is an explanation for all of this. You may not like the explanation, I can't speak to that, but there is an explanation. And the explanation is forthcoming in "Action Comics" and then we go into far greater detail in "Action Comics Annual." The annual actually covers a number of things. It covers the start of Thara's journey in Kandor. It actually explains a little more of Ursa's backstory. It picks up for Chris when re-enters the Phantom Zone at the end of "Superman: Last Son." And you see how Thara and Chris came together. You see why they take on the Flamebird and Nightwing identities. You see the genesis of their relationship.

Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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