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JLA #38

September 25, 2009: James Robinson on JLA's New Roll Call

ComicBookResources.com posted an interview with writer James Robinson to talk to him about "Justice League of America" and just which characters will make up his new superhero team. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    So, James, will the formation of your JLA roster start to take shape in your current ongoing miniseries, "Justice League: Cry for Justice"?

    Elements of "Cry for Justice," plot points, fall right into "Justice League of America." As you'll see in the first issue, "Justice League of America" #38, I basically inherit the old team. That's already in the aftermath of "Cry for Justice." And then, we have the "Blackest Night" issues in #39 and #40. And then it's only after that's done, in issue #41 in January, where there's a six-part arc where you'll see the team come together and form from the various places - the team from "Cry for Justice," the team that's in the book at the moment and then obviously some of the new characters, like Donna, Batman and Mon-El. That all leads into a crossover with "R.E.B.E.L.S." at the end of those six issues, in #45 and #46.

You can read the complete interview at the CBR website.

Over at DC's "The Source" you can check out a seven page sneak peek at Robinson's "Justice League of America #38" scheduled to go on sale on October 21st.

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