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July 26, 2009: Superman News in Newsarama Live Coverage of DC Universe: Editorial Presentation

Newsarama had a real-time report from Saturday's SDCC DC Universe: Editorial Presentation panel. There wasn't all that much Superman stuff discussed but there is some news of super-interest.

Mon-El is joining the new Justice League of America and his costume will now include a metallic Super-S.

DC has plans for Superman's dog. James Robinson told the audience Krypto will be in Adventure Comics, saying:

    In the event of next year, you're going to see a heroic Krypto, in Superman as well as Adventure. He's in Blackest Night: Superman, and he kicks some ass in it.

Geoff Johns told the audience that the Legion of Super-Heroes is going to be in both Adventure Comics and Superman, and play a big role in 2009 and 2010.

Read the entire report at Newsarama, including Robinson's discussion of what keeps Superman relevant.

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