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Cry For Justice

May 16, 2009: James Robinson Talks "Justice League: Cry For Justice"

In part 3 of their 3-part interview with writer James Robinson, ComicBookResources.com asks about Robinson's work on "Justice League: Cry For Justice", a six-issue miniseries set for release beginning July 1st. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    CBR: "Justice League: Cry for Justice" was first announced as an ongoing series way back in March of 2008 at WizardWorld: Los Angeles. Are you happy it's finally coming out and fans will finally be able to get their hands on this book?

    James Robinson: Yes, I am actually. And I'm glad that it's ultimately a six-issue miniseries because I think it makes it more special and unique. The art is gorgeous. The guy is amazing. It's so exciting to see the painted pages when they come in. And the thing about a lot of miniseries is that they might as well be Elseworlds. They have no repercussions to the big picture. No matter how good they are. That's goes for graphic novels too. Very few of them have any resonance beyond the story that they are in. Whereas with this one, it's a gigantic ending, bigger than you can possibly imagine, it's something that will have a ripple effect on the Justice League and to a degree the DC Universe for quite some time.

Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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