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Superman #676

Superman #676

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 14, 2008

Cover date: July 2008

"Memorial Day"

Writer: Vito Delsante
Penciller: Julian Lopez
Inker: Bit

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superman recalls his first Memorial Day weekend in Metropolis...

While stopping a giant robot from attacking holidaymakers a team of agents in containment suits are scouting Gotham City for an unknown booty.

Lois, Clark and Jimmy are at work later, each trying their best to get on Perry White's good side when Jimmy notices a flaming meteor flying straight at the Daily Planet. As Clark is ready to go 'Super' he's interrupted by a rescue of emerald energy - Alan Scott, The Green Lantern!

The agents in Gotham, race through the sewers and find their target, Solomon Grundy! They radio their boss who comments that he hopes they aren't too late to process samples from Grundy...

Back in Metropolis, Clark and Alan share a quiet interview and Clark probes Alan for information on the JSA, and moreso to discover more about his father's favorite hero.

The interview is cut short by screaming citizens howling that a hulking zombie came out of the gator pit in a nearby zoo... Grundy is on the offensive.

Grundy has travelled very quickly to Metropolis and seems to have an inherent urge to destroy. Superman races to the zoo and finds Alan Scott crumpled in a bruised heap and races at super speed to confront Grundy. Superman and Grundy trade blows - heavy blows - and though he fights valiantly, Superman misjudges his opponent. As the killing blow is about to be dealt Alan joins the fight.

The two heroes narrowly save the day and Superman racing with powerful force kills Grundy... something he deeply regrets in an instant. However before they can attempt to revive the crumbling corpse the agents arrive and apprehend the body.

Alan reassures Superman that Grundy is a villain that can't truly die and tests Superman's mettle with a pep talk. Introducing the young man to the concept of a 'never-ending battle.' Superman reveals his dad was a huge fan of Alan. Clark smiles he was always a fan of the original Starman. The two fly skyward enjoying the remainder of Memorial Day.

The agents are revealed to be Lexcorp workers.

They question Luthor as to why they released Grundy in Metropolis, Lex insists that the war with Superman is beginning and chances must be taken.

The tests can advance further as they now have DNA from Grundy and Superman.

Lex then talks to his head scientist, Dr. Teng.

Something Bizarre is now in the works...

5Story - 5: A very nice look back at Year One.

Alan Scott introduces the Never-Ending Battle concept to a 'green' Clark. We get a glimpse at the beginnings of Clark through Pa Kent's fondness for the JSA and Alan Scott and OOOH Bizarro is part Grundy? Neat! I didn't see that twist to MOS...

Glimpses back are fun and the story further cements the direction Last Son, Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes and the Time Trapper storyline are trying to introduce. I wonder why the year one piece... perhaps to enforce the changes and the links to the past that gets raised with each new issue? Nonetheless it's a GREAT piece of entertainment! Classic Superman, Classic Lex and a truly inspirational Alan Scott - what's not to enjoy?!

Editor's Note: This story was actually originally solicited as a "Superman Confidential" issue, but was inserted as "Superman #676" when the story originally slated for this issue was pulled (likely due to legal issues relating to the Siegel family court case).

5Art - 5: Back to the 80's this week. The robot during the introduction was very funny and brought back memories of the decade taste forgot. Lois has good hair again. Jimmy has his punky "Superman: The Animated Series" look back, Clark looks hunched, frail and very convincing compared to the beautifully illustrated Superman we see in other scenes. Lex also looks suitably evil just through slight tweaks in the artwork. Fantastic! Almost makes me want them to remake the "Man of Steel" miniseries without the shoulder pads and Miami Vice suits...

2Cover Art - 2: Yawn. Sorry Mr. Ross but this was dull dull dull.

Beautifully painted but still a pretty uninspiring effort.

The title pushed off the page didn't work when they tried it before, catering for a 'celebrity artist' doesn't warrant it now. The book could have done with a Year One logo on the cover to appease fans methinks.

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