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Infinity Inc. #7

Infinity Inc. #7

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 5, 2008

Cover date: May 2008

"The Influencing Machines of Metropolis - Part Two"

Writer: Peter Milligan
Penciller: Matt Camp
Inker: Matt Camp

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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Lucia's father holds Natasha and Lucia captive. He recalls abusing her as she attended beauty contests.

John Henry and Mercy argue over her helping the team. Mercy slips out as John explains the mind loom phenomena.

Nuklon argues with his shrink and complains at John Henry for helping him find the baddie.

The psychopath catches Mercy off guard and uses his machine to make her think Lex has found her. Erica and Nuklon subdue Mercy, trained Amazonian bodyguard and assassin. [That last sentence is not a story summation error.]

Natasha and Lucia wake up in skimpy costumes. Natasha uses her power to escape and knock the guy out.

Erica and Nuklon are beset with nightmares after following Mercy down into the basement. A third Nuklon shows up and defeats the bad guy.

1Story - 1: I'm done. No more. I don't care if Pete Woods is coming on this. I don't care if Curt Swann comes back from the grave, pencils the next issue, and it comes out on time.


This is the first title that's so bad that I'm going to refuse to review it any further. No one stood up and said, "Yeah, I love this title, keep reviewing it!" and I'm embarrassed for myself that I purchased this many issue before I stopped. I was foolish.

The only thing this book has going for it is that it seems to be the only DC book coming out regularly and on time.

We have monologuing explanation through dialogue from the psychopath, exploitive "little girl" dress scenes, John Henry and a dubious "monkey to your organ grinder" joke, and arbitrary drama with Nuklon complaining that John Henry is helping him save a life.

We have Ex Machina of the oddest sort with a third Nuklon appearing from nowhere and inexplicably saving the day.

We have John Henry as a bit player despite being the strongest, most established part of this whole mess.

And worst of all, we have MERCY, fricking MERCY, taken out by two punk kids. It's like having a scene with Lex Luthor where, because he's got a cold, he loses a game of chess to Wildcat.


3Art - 3: Not that bad, but there were a lot of odd places. Steel was funny looking, and some of the inking looked very strong, other bits very cartoonish. A lot of the establishing panels were strange, and the ending was quite... I dunno, jarringly odd.

I didn't see anything utterly odd and incongruous like in last issue, but nothing to write home about either.

Using Metropolis from the Xbox 360 game was interesting. Though it's not typically depicted in the comics as it was in that game, at all. But hey, expecting continuity for Superman from DC right now is like expecting Countdown to be fun, exciting, and well written, so I'm apathetic in my complaint.

1Cover Art - 1: This cover just plain looks rather sloppy. The eyes on the figures are off, the image itself is rough hewn and unattractive, and there's nothing in this picture at all that says, "Buy me!" It also indicates that Lex Luthor's Infinity, Inc. are involved. Negatory. In fact, even John Henry's are short in evidence.

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