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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #46

Justice League Unlimited #46

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 4, 2008

Cover date: August 2008

"The Dork G'nort Returns"

Writer: Matt Wayne
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Bob Petrecca

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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The JLU are playing poker in Metro Tower, John Stewart is conspicuously absent.

Mr. Terrific points out the Green Lantern cadets were due to be officially designated full Lantern status and sectors today. When we join John, we find the GL gateway was attacked by an energy flare from the antimatter universe.

During the clean up a delayed message arrives revealing the cause. Sinestro travelled to Anti Space and teamed up with Qward warriors to attack the gateway. G'Newmann is the bearer of the distress call but his transmission is cut off. His nephew G'nort is shocked and unfortunately also seems to be the runt of the GL corps cadets.

John asks thee Guardians to induct the cadets so they can join the fight - even G'nort. Initially reluctant they agree to empower John and Kilowog's students. John instructs them to be on their guard and Kilowog advises them that for now they are the only line of defense until the other GL's arrive.

As soon as they arrive in Anti Space they are attacked by Qward weaponers, powered by yellow energy! The more 'experienced' cadets make rookie mistakes during the attack, but under John's supervision they succeed - barely. G'nort tries reasoning with the Qward leader... will it work?

We join an imprisoned G'Newmann and Sinestro who reveals his evil plot and how listening to the warning he sent to John and Kilowog was the inspiration for the attack. G'Nort arrives for the family confession. G'Newmann was corrupted, regretfully, by a lust for power and trusting Sinestro - though now he's learnt his mistakes.

Too late, Sinestro launches the antimatter attack and captures the GL cadets in yellow cuffs. Sinestro is overconfident and follows the beam so he can watch its devastation, he brings along the weakened GL's so that when their rings drain they will be disintegrated in the burst of energy.

While Sinestro gloats he waves his hand too close to G'nort and is swiftly bitten. Sinestro suddenly realises his yellow ring was chomped from his finger and that now he is defenceless against the blast... without the help of the Green Lanterns.

The cadets might not be able to stop the flare of energy but they don't have to! Back up arrives in the form of the most powerful Corps members!

Later, with Sinestro captured and G'Newmann demoted, John places a request for G'nort - one that is quickly accepted due to his innovative and brave behavior. His gift, full Lantern status and G'Newmann's old sector as his own!

ratingStory - 5: Bittersweet.

An amazing adventure that goes all out.

It's not a JLU adventure though as they are reduced to a two page cameo...

It was more like a pilot for a Green Lantern cadets comic...

Why this is the story they chose as the absolute finale is beyond me.

This book has been a joy to read and review. I wish they'd have made it to 50 and maybe a Legion of Doom Vs. JLU story. I hope they do specials as it's a mistake to cancel such a superb book.

ratingArt - 5: Superb, just wish the JLU could have featured more in their own book...

ratingCover Art - 4: A really inspired cover but for the final issue perhaps the big seven could have enjoyed a final pose?

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