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Action Comics #862 Action Comics #862

Action Comics #862

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 27, 2008

Cover date: April 2008

"Revenge of the Rejects"

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Gary Frank
Inker: Jon Sibal

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superman suggests the Legionnaire Subs ought to join the fight, reminiscing his childhood days and how he felt just like the substitutes when he was in Smallville.

Brainiac 5 reveals ever since the Justice League drove the Legion underground he's had them at the ready but lacked the confidence to send the subs into such a deadly mission. Brek points out that they literally have nothing to lose while the Legion is on the run to the Human Cultural Center the Subs can even the odds.

Yera and Kirt battle it out, resentment brewing deep within him, Earth Man beats Chameleon Girl to a bloody pulp. His hatred of Superman runs deep. Membership was only ever offered to mild and meek Clark Kent because of who he was supposed to become - not who he truly was.

Eyeful and Tusker are in a classroom delving into the history of the Sunstone crystal tablet and how it records the true human history of Superman. They barely notice the school bus careening towards their window.

The subs, in the hijacked bus have arrived and quickly smash through several rooms.

Stone Boy knocks out and pins down Radiation Roy. While Golden Boy, Storm Boy, Tuskerr, Eyeful and Spider Girl race to fight.

Introducing the Subs! Rainbow Girl, Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid and Stone Boy! Each has a tactical skill that enables them to gain the upper hand very quickly - and just as quickly it turns back.

While distracted the League don't notice the core Legionnaires sneak into the Cultural Center. While they try to free their inanimate friends Brainy finds the Sunstone that started this mess, his tests however reveal something shocking... the crystal is REAL. Someone deliberately orchestrated this from the 21st century!

Collosal Boy also has a revelation for them. The sun had originally turned red due to a solar shuttle accident, or so they thought. Gim reveals a chamber with Dirk, aka Sun Boy suspended in some kind of machine draining and re-channelling his powers!

Worse still they can't remove Dirk without an uncontrolled supernova blast unless they power down the center generators.

Yera crawls from the shadows into the arms of her husband, getting close to her friends in her time of need. Clark is suspicious and removes a cloth masking one of the nullification capsules, only to reveal Yera! Earth Man laughs shifting into his true form and speedily uses Gim's power against him. The path clear he faces off against his true target; Superman!

With the other Legion members entering the fray the battle takes a turn for the better and the subs are quickly back on equal ground with the League. Meanwhile Superman and Earth Man face off for a fight to the finish at the same time as the UPMU arriving in standby to begin the countdown to war.

With one last burst of humanity Superman launched himself at Kirt and smashes him far away from his power sources, directly into space!

To be continued...

5Story - 5: HOLY CRAP!

This is a Superman comic? Damn straight it is!

Absolutely, freaking brilliant! OK, running out of praises here, but seriously, this is one fine story arc! Proud to be a Superman fan right now!

Deliberately skimmed the book so you'd have to read it, this and all four previous chapters have been a shot in the arm morale wise for Super fandom. If you dislike the Legion, or aren't really into them I can understand how your personal rating might be the opposite of mine but you must admit this has been enjoyable, next chapter NOW please!!!

5Art - 5: The art was still very Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme over the last few months, understably so since that was the series they both moved to Superman from, however Sibal's inks tend to pull Franks pencils back to that style, far more than Cam Smith ever did. It becomes hard to differentiate between them when they follow suit. Which is a shame as there has been some real development in style from way back in Motormouth, to Hulk, to Supergirl, to Kin etc etc.

Sounds like a whinge but this issue, it should be noted that the artwork has really begun to grow, not on me, (it had me from the part one previews) but in style, in harmony with the story and evolving along with it. The scope of Superman: The Movie can quite clearly be seen to glow from the art and it really makes you feel the dedication to the characters and story and his history. Frank and Sibal are producing some truly awe inspiring art in these pages.

3Cover Art - 3: Hmmm... the covers so far have all been a bit of an understatement. The Subs are fun and all but would have preferred Frank going to town with a clash of the Legion vs the Subs or Superman vs Earth Man. Still beautiful but as a cover, it's a little bland. Shame as it really deserves a perfect score.

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