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Mild Mannered Reviews - Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #14

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #14

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 14, 2008

Cover date: July 2008

"See Me"

Writer: Jack Briglio
Penciller: Adam Archer
Inker: Adam Archer
Cover: Alex Serra

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Phantom Girl is running through a training program with Brainiac 5 at the helm. At first she's putting it to the test... at first... A ghostly voice distracts her with what sounds like a threat to her mother, President Wazzo.

Tinya doesn't have much luck approaching her mother with the notion ghostly voices noone else can hear are threatening her. President Wazzo, comments that Tinya should just go 'do whatever it is you do with the Legion.'

Triplicate Girl tries to comfort her friend who is feeling bad after being brushed off by her mother. Inadvertently they discover Tinya is stuck in her Phantom form and rush her to Brainy. He runs tests and his tests produce the verdict it isn't a physical reason her powers are malfunctioning... and that's when the ghosts begin appearing.

Though the Legionnaires can't see what Tinya does they stick by her and follow her lead around the spaceport and into the President's office. Her next explanation discredits even further. Now not only can she hear things no-one can hear she can see them too!

Her interruption was also ill timed as a negotiation for planetary resources with Xavier, an alien CEO for a mysterious company that has secured a new planet that requires a treaty being signed. The ghosts suddenly reappear and cause havoc with electricals.

The Legion help stop it with Clark leading the rescue but President Wazzo denies the involvement of ghosts and a downhearted Tinya hangs her head lowly as her mother disappears to her quarters.

The Legion suddenly stare in amazement as Tinya begins battling with... nothing.

The ghosts attack the President but this time though reluctant, after a speech from Phantom Girl, the young girl finally earns the respect she had sought for years.

Tinya discovers she is able to have a physical fight with the ghosts and tends to her mother while they vanish. An electrical error the ghosts caused almost microwaves them in bed... but with Tinya, being a hero, she makes her mother beam with pride.

The next morning, Wazzo's ship flies off to sign the treaty when the ghosts reappear!

This time they manifest completely and reveal they were trying to keep Element Lad's planet, Trom. From being wrongly salvaged even though it is secretly still alive, barely.

Tinya discovers her powers have developed a new ability - to see and hear the dead!

Her discovery leads to an astounding conclusion and a race to stop the shifty Xavier from sealing a deal with her mother.

When they arrive the President listens intently but Xavier tries to play on her earlier reactions to her daughter to sway her. It doesn't work. He tries to run the Legion down with a bulldozer but Tinya flies in and knocks him cold. Curiously his business cards fly through the air and we learn he works for LEXCORP GALAXY!

Mother and daughter make up with a new understanding of one another and Tinya is finally relieved to see the ghosts return to the ether in peace. Element Lad takes her aside and asks her to 'live life' she agrees and when Brainy calls over the comm link that her powers now need a thorough testing, Tinya takes a back seat and decides to look at things in a more positive light.

Life is good.

5Story - 5: Tinya isn't the best character to take on or lead a story, but given the spotlight this issue she has been given a unique opportunity to shine. Rarely in the animated books do we see real developments but there are teasers for the future... Luthor, new powers, a new dynamic in Tinya and her family life, that have certainly helped to endear her to me and hopefully other readers! A worthy five out of five!

4Art - 4: Hmmm.

At first the art slaps you a little. The inking is lighter than usual and the characters have a certain soft quality not usually associated with the Legion... At first glance it didn't gell well with me but upon dissection of the book - it works - really well. Mr Archer you're welcome back anytime.

4Cover Art - 4: WOO! Awesome cover!

I am not even fussed by the speech bubbles on the cover. Phantom Girl is often the 'wet' character in the Legion, so seeing her take action is surprising and she looks mean! Would have been neat to have her perhaps push Clark out of the way... say waitaminute! Where IS Clark? Great stuff!

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