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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl Comics

Supergirl #29

Supergirl #29

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 7, 2008

Cover date: July 2008

"Way of the World - Part 2"

Writer: Kelley Puckett
Penciller: Drew Johnson and Ron Randall
Inker: Ray Snyder and Ron Randall

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Resurrection Man has dreams about one of his past lives thousands of years ago (or so it seems), while Dr. Luzano tries to inject him with something. He wakes up, catches him, and Supergirl gives him a few hairs from Thomas's head. Luzano takes the hairs and says he's going to do something with his tektites to try to cure Thomas's cancer.

Superman is looking for Kara, so she lines their hidden little lab with lead. Resurrection Man warns Kara that Luzano is up to something, she agrees as she... heat-visions some kind of ball for no reason, and then Luzano beats up Kara and kills Resurrection Man after using his tektites on himself.

Supergirl defeats Luzano by ripping... something out of his chest. When Resurrection Man returned to life after Luzano killed him, he had a healing power. Kara wants to take him to see if his new power will work on Thomas, but Superman intercepts them and tells Kara Thomas is dead.

2Story - 2: Will someone put Rucka or Bedard back on this book, please?

Why did we have pages wasted on Resurrection Man's dream or memory from the distant past or whatever that was? It's completely irrelevant to the story, unless it somehow ties in to a future issue.

How long was that fight with Luzano? EIGHT pages? What?! For a random, pointless villain? Who Kara may or may not have killed?

Sure, we assume not, but since we have no idea what she RIPPED OUT OF HIS CHEST, we really don't know, do we?

And how on earth could Kara NOT know what Luzano was up to for long enough for the tektites to modify his body so severely into some sort of Metallo-wannabe? Wouldn't that take some sort of time? It couldn't be instantaneous. Sure, she believed he would try to do good and help Thomas and her belief was misplaced. She was naïve, I get that. But she would have noticed what he was doing while it was all happening unless she was stupid, and that's not a Supergirl I want to read about.

It was senseless fighting with a worthless villain and treading water. This entire issue could have been two pages! Luzano goes back on his promise, kills Resurrection Man who comes back with the healing powers, Kara leaves with him for Thomas just as Superman finds them and tells Kara that Thomas died.


This story is padded and full of wasted space.

As soon as something actually happens, wake me up, please.

3Art - 3: Multiple artists, varied talent.

Look at the splash of Superman looking for Kara. Fantastic. Look at the first five pages of Kara fighting Luzano... excellent. Look at the end of that fight... terrible! Look at Kara as she flies off with Resurrection Man in her arms... she looks like she's stoned and high as a kite!

Some consistency here would be nice, but like with the writing, that appears to be too much to ask for "Supergirl".

3Cover Art - 3: Kara coming out of the fire is pretty cool, but it's not particularly original or engaging. And the mass of tech/flesh with boils is not only questionable in taste, it's confusing. We obviously have no idea who or what that is, so why we should care about Kara flying out of fire towards it is unknown.

This is a bland and mostly useless cover, but "bland and useless" accurately depicts the interior contents.

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