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Tangent: Superman's Reign #8

Tangent: Superman's Reign #8

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 22, 2008

Cover date: December 2008

"Superman's Reign - Chapter Eight"

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Wes Craig
Inker: Dan Davis

Back-Up Story: "History Lesson: Chapter Eight"
Write: Ron Marz
Penciller: Andie Tong
Inker: Mark McKenna

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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Superman and Power Girl of New Earth confront the Tangent Superman. At first, they appear to be friendly, but it quickly devolves into violence when the Tangent Superman is refused power and control. The Tangent characters teleport away to Washington as Superman and Power Girl look on, worried.

Batman learns that the Tangent Superman is on New Earth and seeks to find a way to send Tangent Superman back and Batman back to his own world.

Superman confronts the Tangent Superman on the lawn of the White House. Tangent Orion unleashes shadows, magical based creatures who hold Superman down as the Tangent Superman destroys the White House and the Capitol Building.

The other heroes in the Tangent universe head to New Earth, leaving Batman behind as he seeks a weapon to stop the Tangent Superman.

Back-Up Story: "History Lesson: Chapter Eight"
Write: Ron Marz
Penciller: Andie Tong
Inker: Mark McKenna

We learn, via Guy, the history of the Tangent Batman.

5Story - 5: This story, which has already been entertaining and fun, just stepped up a notch, taking not only the novelty of the situation, but also the reality of it, and ramming it home. Tangent Superman and our Superman explore the philosophy in brief, but then Tangent Superman shows the actual consequences of multiple Earths, blowing up the WHITE HOUSE as Superman is forced to watch in horror. That's horrible, it's unique, and it's rad. I'm now going from enjoying to LOVING this series.

5Art - 5: It's a little rough hewn around the edges, but that's part of what made this issue really work. The little bits of ink on the edge of the pages allowed to run off makes the action much stronger, and the battle scenes were insanely cool. Hands-down, the best issue of the series thusfar.

5Back-up Story - 5: Batman is much more compelling than he even seemed to be last issue, and this origin explores that well.

5Back-up Art - 5: And the art sells the story, with better knights in action than this last issue of Trinity, which was knight focal, in two pages. Nice.

5Cover Art - 5: Awesome pose, two comparison characters, cool coloring, and just generally a unique format and composition.

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