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Infinity Inc. #6

Infinity Inc. #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 9, 2008

Cover date: March 2008

"The Influencing Machines of Metropolis - Part One"

Writer: Peter Milligan
Penciller: Matt Camp
Inker: Matt Camp

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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Eric threatens to commit suicide. Nuklon goads him on. When he jumps, he becomes Erica and hops back in.

Lucia offers to "love" Erik to stop him from killing himself.

Nuklon jabs verbally at Eric, and in response, Lucia's suicidal woulds spurt blood into some kind of ribbon-like manifestation.

In Metropolis, a gal with her boyfriend watch TV. The boy goes to steal a beer, and the mother appears as a zombie and murders him.

Batman and Superman investigate, for one page. That's the guest appearance, by the way.

Lucia hears Nuklon and Eric fighting. Eric turns to Erika and gives Nuklon the old testicular front kick. Lucia runs away.

In a hospital, a doctor tells a nurse to get rid of all televisions, responding to one of his patients who nearly escaped.

Natasha goes to Lucia's house, only to be knocked out by Lucia's father.

Nuklon and Eric are assaulted by zombies in their car.

The doctor explains to Nuklon about a mind loom that controls people.

The patient mentioned by the doctor sets up a giant bank of monitors.

1Story - 1: The first half of this book is Milligan prancing the characters around as if they are amusing, which they're not. The second half is an introduction of a villain over 8-12 pages that could have been done in three, max.

There's also the "Batman" guest appearance, which is a cheap ploy to get readers. I'm sure this title needs them, because it's frankly boring and awful.

Nuklon is unsympathetic in any way. Eric jumps from suicidal to normal in ten seconds next to a CUTTER.

Zombies appear incoherently, and I have no idea or comprehension who the new villain is or was beyond an Everyman volunteer, despite two readings.

John Henry is set design in a field of dead characters, and the opening sequence is page upon page of stuff we ALREADY KNOW that brings nothing to the characters involved save the cutter, who runs away before we could get to know her and not care about her, either.

My guess is that TV guy will kill someone and they'll get closer next issue, because that seems to be a pattern. Kill, chase, kill, chase, minifight, kill, chase.

I can't believe this series got Pete Woods. That's a CRIME.

And hey, let's have a chick kicking a dude in the balls scene, 'cuz that never happens and might be humorous.

Even the back, advertising the next issue, says it very well, IN THE BOOK:

"What the heck was that?!? Who cares?!"

That about sums it up, DC.

3Art - 3: The art is actually semi-decent, if occasionally sloppy and lacking a background. The biggest gaffe, for me, was when Eric jumped out a window head-first and then somehow managed to totally pull a 180 and catch the ledge he leapt forward off of. That's physically impossible, and stuck out like a sore thumb. Otherwise, not great, but not horrid, either.

2Cover Art - 2: I'd say the image itself is about a 4, pretty decent homage, but given that the whole thing is a contrivance to get you to buy the book using FALSE pretenses, it just angers the hell out of me. Batman is literally one page in this book, and never interacts with any of the mains. I should one this for that alone.

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