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Mild Mannered Reviews - Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #18

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #18

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 10, 2008

Cover date: November 2008

"Failure To Communicate" - Part 2

Writer: J. Torres
Penciller: Ethen Beavers
Inker: Ethen Beavers
Cover: Alex Serra

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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While the New Metropolis Space Port falls into disarray - to the dismay of several Legionnaires. The core team are angry with the discovery made while battling the Thanagarian Warhawks.

When the Legion thought the battle was lost, Brainiac 5 revealed through their rings he could effectively remote control the Legion and that revelation has struck the team at its very core.

The team are uncomfortable as Brainiac 1.0 had already proven he could take over his youngling ancestors body - if it were to happen again he'd have an army of supermen and women to help in his quest for knowledge and power.

Several members immediately return their rings before heading off to help Colossal Boy, Star Boy and Ultra Boy at the space port. Brainiac angry at the illogical behavior drafts in all off duty legionnaires to aid his defiant comrades.

While adjusting the computer systems Saturn Girl and Brainy discover Interlac - a universal language has been erased and replaced by more traditional languages but no virus was responsible...

Enter White Witch; materializing she theorizes magic is the cause of the calamities, riots and computer malfunctions. She reveals to her friends that Interlac is being erased from history itself. With such a utopian language ceasing to exist the future is falling apart and Mordru the Merciless is to blame!

At the space port, disaster is averted but suddenly the vocoders the Legionnaires use cease to translate into interlac so now the Legion can't understand one another! Saturn Girl suggests an onslaught by the entire Legion against Mordru might weaken him to a level that White Witch could defeat him and reverse his spell and the plan is set into action.

Brainiac drafts Nemesis Kid into action from his traffic duties with the Science Police, if his powers work Nemesis Kid will hold the answer to unravelling Mordru's plot. White Witch opens a portal to the pocket universe where Mordru's magic is emanating from.

Saturn Girl uses her powers to confuse Mordru, White Witch distracts him with low level magic and in the mean time Nemesis Kid activates his power - to neutralize an enemies power! Mordru suddenly powerless is easy prey for White Witch and she quickly captures the villain, reversing the effects of his magic.

White Witch was surprised that Nemesis Kid's powers worked against magic as only magic can defeat magic... is Nemesis Kid a magical being?

Before Brainy can guess, Garth steps in and demands to speak to the Legion's leader.

They admit to being very angry with their team mate and though he tenders his resignation they refuse it and ask him to at least complete his term of office.

Brainiac agrees but, staring at his flight ring, he tells them he still has unfinished business...

5Story - 5: NOOOOO! Just as the book is about to be cancelled they amp up the story?? J. Torres fancy a stint on the superbooks? This story illustrated how different the Legion is to any other super team and how truly diverse they are even when united. There was brilliant continuity with past story-lines that has been quietly bubbling away since issue one!

I was far more interested in the team than the Mordru plot - I was hoping there'd be a throwdown internally in the ranks - maybe next issue? I'm not sure I like this Brainy - he seems evil somehow... Great job!

5Art - 5: Lots to see this month, and the visuals didn't disappoint!

I have a really sad feeling now that the timmverse is truly coming to an end...

1Cover Art - 1: The cover was the only letdown, with all that was going on this issue it just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the book. A real shame.

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