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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #45

Justice League Unlimited #45

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 7, 2008

Cover date: July 2008


Writer: Alexander Gradet
Penciller: Scott Cohn
Inker: Scott Cohn

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Star City is the picture of a picturesque civilized city.

Of course when Gorilla Grodd is stalking in the shadows, it can't stay that way for long!

Causing a subway car to crash and a platinum filled security van to fly skyward are part of an insidious plot.

The plot draws the JLU in while Booster stays on monitor duty.

Roll Call: Green Lantern, The Flash, Mary Marvel and Superman.

Flash, knows Grodd and theorizes a trap but as the four heroes arrive and try to counteract the devastation they are taken by surprise from a satellite beam. A quantum beam that shuts off all the JLU powers.

While Booster Gold and Martian Manhunter try to find a cure and the links between the energy beam the JLU are determined to save the day, powers or not.

Grodd has synthesized a one of a kind control box that can negate the League powers and is elated with the results. The team continue to battle on to help survivors of the subway crash and flooding and trying to lower the armored car by commandeering a construction site crane.

While Grodd and his flunkies are concentrating on the JLU they don't notice the League Satellite closing in on the rogue satellite or Booster teleporting in to save the day.

Mary proves to Superman she's every bit the hero Billy is as they manage to save the armored car by skill alone. But while Grodd grows angry he doesn't notice till it's too late that Booster has destroyed the control box.

Powers returned, the heroes finish their rescue and capture Grodd, and the day is finally saved with the heroes realizing they were more powerful in heart than they ever were with powers!

4Story - 4: Okay the story isn't the best, or original.

It was an obvious attempt to endear an audience to a character in the animated universe that a writer of the animated universe had managed to utterly destroy in regular comics.

It was great to see that the heroes aren't always just about the powers too.

It's nice to see they are incorporating a lot of new characters that never made it into the show and I hope they change their mind about the title's future...

All in all it was a bit preachy this month - which it needn't be. DC Super Friends does that in spades.

4Art - 4: Spot on, aside from Mary, who was obviously a completely new design and you could tell as she didn't quite seem 'animated' enough. But over all a superb offering even though it wasn't really given the chance to shine.

4Cover Art - 4: Gorilla Grodd looks superb, Mary looks like she ought to, but the powerless Superman just looks a little odd and his oddness detracts from the rest of the cover - a shame as it deserves a 5/5.

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