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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #42

Justice League Unlimited #42

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 6, 2008

Cover date: April 2008

"Raw Deal"

Writer: Dan Raspler
Penciller: Christopher Jones
Inker: Mark Propst

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Una is going straight.

Her life as Queen in the Royal Flush Gang are over.... Or so she thinks.

Diana meets her at the prison gates and advises her to use her parole as a chance to rebuild her life in Suicide Slum and become a civil civilian again...

No sooner is she back in her old neighborhood when King, Jack, Ten and Ace are waiting for her and after a heavy drinking session, offer Una a new job as Queen. Una turns them down and heads home.

No sooner is she back home when she joins up with a new cause - the SSDA. A community project intent on redeveloping the slums into a new era. Everyone is impressed with Una and how much money she is bringing in to the cause.

The head of the SSDA admits she had her misgivings at allowing a villainess into their ranks and that she had invited John Stewart and Diana Prince along for insurance. She apologizes for doing so but Una is forgiving and is glad she's being given another chance.

Naturally Green Lantern has to strong arm his way in and undo all the good Una has done. Treating her like scum till Una gives up and leaves. Diana arrives a little too late and takes GL down a peg or two for his aggressive attitude.

Too late, Una is already slipping back. She sneaks out for a poker game with the Royal Flush gang and they manipulate her emotions. Perhaps laying on their 'schmaltz' a little too thickly she sees through it and insists she's not a Queen anymore, of course announcing it with a explosion of firepower before sneaking out in the confusion.

Una can't cope.

The League are on her case following her every move and the Royal Flush Gang need her for their newest crime wave. Aside from the SSDA everyone thinks Una is a vile lost cause... and a visit from a misinterpreting Diana finally crushes her human spirit.

Diana and John feel like fools for their treatment of Una, though Diana is the one that truly feels the pain. John tells her that even Una's choice of good cause is lost as a land developer has decided to build a casino on the land the SSDA were trying to protect.

Across town, Una makes a decision that seals her fate - becoming Queen again.

The Royal Flush gang trash an arcade and ransack the venue...

Queen disrupts the plan by chasing after Strikland - the land developer destroying Suicide Slum. So distracted are the rest of the gang that the JL arrive and capture them all.

Diana races out to Una and before she can get in earshot of Una, the Queen surrenders.

GL and Diana realize in a way the Royal Flush Gang did the Slum a favour, now the Slum is being redeveloped and it was all because of their raid!

Una smiles upon hearing that her unheard deal had led to a community centre, a medical surgery and a childcare unit.

Maybe she hasn't been dealt that bad a hand...

5Story - 5: HOLY COW!

I can't really express how blown away I was.

5Art - 5: True to style and harking back to a true Season one feel, a return to greatness.

Please let the book stay like this!

5Cover Art - 5: First off Johnny DC is gone!

Well for this issue anyhow and that makes me glow with joy!

The covers have been hit and miss lately trying to mimic DCUA too closely with some 'close' tries this issue gets it nicely done and uses symbolism in its format, a rare choice of style for a comic book these days!


As DC begins developing its all ages books, JLU is taking a more grown up style.

Super Friends is to begin shortly featuring the new preschool toy range based on the original Super Friends show aimed at an even younger audience.

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