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Supergirl #27

Supergirl #27

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 5, 2008

Cover date: May 2008

"The Girl of Tomorrow"

Writer: Kelley Puckett
Penciller: Rick Leonardi and Dan Green with Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder
Inker: Ray Snyder

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Kara restates what she already told little sick Thomas. SHE'S NOT GOING TO LET HIM DIE!

Then some guy shows up while time is stopped, but Kara can still move. He shoots a kryptonite bullet, she gets weak, Kal's heat vision damages his suit, and he and Kara go 400 years into the future where Kal is dead and she has mountain-sized monuments to her. She changed all of humanity and they hate her for it, the killer takes a pill to kill himself and says no one can send Kara back but him and he'll be dead soon. Then some... Batmen show up, fix the time machine thing, and send Kara home.

2Story - 2: Will someone put Rucka or Bedard back on this book, please?

I can't take this anymore.

See? I told you I was going to start all these reviews this way until I read an issue that doesn't make me think the above. This issue? Not that magical one to break the cycle.

This issue is just full of senseless inconsistencies. Does that mean there are such things as inconsistencies that make sense? These are the things I wonder, which are at least more interesting than the stuff that keeps filling the pages of "Supergirl".

So future-assassin man shows up and apparently stops time... except for Kara. This isn't really explained, but fine, I'll accept that as some odd quirk of his method of time travel.

Just remember kids, when traveling through and subsequently stopping time on your way to kill a person, everyone will be affected but the person you want to kill!

But then... Superman burns his suit with heat vision! Even though Superman is caught in the time-stop thing and can't move or, seemingly, even notice what's going on around him because, you know... TIME IS STOPPED.

So if he can act, WHY did he stand there doing nothing and then shoot some really slow-beam heat vision? And if he can't act... HOW did he shoot some really slow-beam heat vision?! Either way, it doesn't work at all. It's just sparing ten seconds of thought about the action you come up with, guys, to see if it makes story sense. This feels like they're not even making an effort.

"You know what would be cool? Slow-mo heat vision!"

And thus, it's what we get, regardless of it making less sense than flying pigs.

And there's a triple-whammy to go along with it, you see. Actually, nix that. A quadruple whammy.

The Kryptonite has no apparent effect on Superman at all, nor does Kara spare a moment of thought to the fact that it would kill him too.

And here's the last whammy (for only THIS SCENE, mind you), and boy, it's really a kick in the pants.

Kara's by the Kryptonite. Doesn't know what to do. Thinks about Batman, because that fella's a thinker, y'see? Think think think. What's a Supergirl to do? She has no idea.

And then Superman (errantly in either instance) hits the assassin with heat vision.


Supergirl. Kara Zor-El.

Folks, she apparently forgets her own powers.

And don't tell me she couldn't zap him because of the K. Nothing says it took her powers away, and she didn't even try.

And Superman was right next to the K, too, and he still used his heat-vision... THROUGH STOPPED TIME!

Mn xccfg gtyy vc f6trc

Don't mind me, I was just smashing my head against the keyboard in frustration.

And let's not even talk about the other inconsistencies, like the nameless assassin using a Kryptonite bullet, but when they get back to his time... none of the guns use bullets. And he wasn't using some old-model gun, either.

If this book can't even make sense and hold coherence through one issue, why the hell should any of us bother reading it?

The only reason this issue wasn't a 1 is because it didn't have Superman condoning violence over talking like last issue.

Isn't it sad that that is how I have to rate this book now?

2Art - 2: Last issue we had two artists, and I asked why.

This issue we had FOUR artists and no clear delineation of who did what.

If it was disjointing last time, this time it ripped the joints out and pulverized them to dust.

None of the art jived from page to page, some of it was truly just atrocious and some of it actually gave me a nostalgic feeling for Bogdanove.

But most of it just left me completely unimpressed.

1Cover Art - 1: No no no no no.

What the hell is even going on here? Kara's clawing her own face off, which is clearly upsetting her. Superman and Batman, well, their faces are melting. Naturally. Because... um.... uhhm....

OH! I bet they just read this issue!

Same thing happened to me.

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