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Mild Mannered Reviews - Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #8

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #8

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 14, 2007

Cover date: January 2008

Writer: Jack Briglio
Penciller: Alex Serra
Inker: Alex Serra

"Three's a Crowd"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Triplicate Girl is bored.

Everyone has monitor duty and tonight it's her turn - hours pass and nothing is happening. Enter Bouncing Boy with an offer of tickets to a football game... as a thinly veiled attempt to date her. Bang! Triplicate Girl is suddenly in three.

One decides to go to the game another stays behind to keep monitor duty going and the final third goes in search of excitement. She finds Clark eager to check out Capes & Cowls - the hottest club in New Metropolis.

So the story continues that each of the three girls are off on their own adventures. The football game is fun, the monitor duty is utterly quiet... however at Capes and Cowls Clark just can't seem to get them entry even if he is Superman!

Star Finger however is and this odd man with laser gloves has taken a liking to Orange and offers her entry in return for returning his romanticism - he's still a bad guy and that means they have to take him out of action. As they finally subdue him, Finger is quick to point out that if this Triplicate Girl isn't interested there are more than one! Although trapped inside a glass shell, he is able to teleport promptly out of his prison.

Next we go to Legion Headquarters where Star Finger again tries to charm Purple and again he is met by force - this time Timber Wolf, Lightning Lad and Triplicate Girl are ready for action. Valiantly fighting him off they finally gain the upper hand... but again at this point he teleports away.

Superman arrives with Triplicate Girl and they realize that they need to rejoin their third counterpart before it's too late. White and Bouncing Boy are growing ever closer and as the game ends they embrace awkwardly. Even more awkward is the fact they have been captured and imprisoned.

Star Finger confronts Triplicate Girl and asks her to remember how they were a wonderful couple - a fact she is unaware of. Star Finger reveals his trump card - no romance equals big explosion triggered by his gloves.

Also at this point Triplicate Girl reveals her trump card - The Legion! Bouncing Boy, with the help of Superman zooms in and smashes directly into Star Finger! Bang! ... Three Star Fingers!?! That's how he was in three places at once!

The villain shoots down the commentators tower and the Legion members race to the rescue. Meanwhile Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl incapacitate Star Finger using their knowledge of antigravity football!

As the villain is being taken away, White and Orange debate over Star Finger's comments that they were once a couple and Purple quietly whispers she might have possibly dated him...

As the girls bicker over which boy they like best, White draws in her split personalities and reveals she likes Bouncing Boy over all others!

3Story - 3: Interesting developments and a valiant attempt to do a three way story. I just thought Star Finger was a lame villain and was disappointed he was the pivotal point of the story.

3Art - 3: The artwork this issue seems overly busy and with a distinct lack of dimensionality in the inking - which is a real shame as it could have been much more.

2Cover Art - 2: Sorry did I pick up a copy of Heroes in Love?

Nicely composed and very eye catching - just makes me queasy with all the Disney-esque 'lovelyness'. Personal taste dictates a low rating this time round unfortunately.

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