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Death of the New Gods #7

Death of the New Gods #7

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 19, 2008

Cover date: May 2008

"Seraphic Reunification"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciller: Jim Starlin
Inker: Art Thibert

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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Superman and Mister Miracle stand before Himon, the revealed murderer. Superman burns away his disguise to reveal the Infinity Man, having seen Himon on the wall already. The Infinity Man bests Superman in combat and encloses him in a crystal cage as he deals with Mister Miracle.

Miracle changes into his anti-life equation form and battles Infinity Man, who reveals himself to be an agent of the Source.

Superman pleads with Metron to free him, but Metron reveals that he cannot without his chair, nor would he, given that the Fourth World has been found wanting.

As Miracle and Infinity Man fight, Miracle accidentally ruptures the Source Wall and causes a pan-dimensional rift. Reality reasserts itself, and in its wake Miracle loses his powers, revealing a hybrid Source/Anti-Life being. Superman is rendered unconscious.

Scott, realizing that he has been used, laments his existence, and demands that the being end his life. The being does. Metron soon follows, agreeing that he has seen enough.

Superman sees that all of the New Gods are dead, and pursues the being. The being goes to Darkseid. Darkseid drinks something, glows with fire, and the being indicates its surprise, which tells Darkseid that he shall win. He says as much.

4Story - 4: This series turned around fairly quickly in this issue, and became once again enjoyable. Maybe it's the stretching out being concluded, maybe it's satisfaction with Himon not being the real baddie. Or maybe it's the poignant way in which Miracle and Metron go out.

That's doubtful, though, because wide, stupid plot holes open with this issue that drive me nutty. All in all, I think I enjoyed it because it was a death tale that spoke to the nature of the universe's cruelty, which I can respect.

The gaping plot holes then start to show: Why would a god who can take Superman and all the other gods conduct clandestine murders. Why not walk about and simply kill. The idea being, I suppose, to goad Scott Free into using the Anti-Life Equation? Well, okay. But there are other ways. Many other, plausible ways, that aren't insanely elaborate.

Also, destroying the Source Wall was... a bit pat. I expected a much bigger deal if the Source Wall were to be destroyed. And what of the SECOND wall? Were both destroyed, or what? Does Orion's helmet disappearing mean he's still alive?

Confusing, but ultimately fun. I hope it ends on a similar note.

2Art - 2: Still very clunky. The coloring is INCREDIBLE. The art itself, now that I've sussed it, is very decent in the action but almost utterly horrid with each character. Superman in particular looks like a galoot lummox. The color almost makes up for it, though.

3Cover Art - 3: Kind of overdramatic, and enough with the words already, but fairly accurately depicts what occurs with semi-dynamic poses, though I abhor the design for the villain gent.

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