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Justice Society of America #11 Justice Society of America #11

Justice Society of America #11

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 5, 2007

Cover date: January 2008

Writter: Geoff Johns and Alex Ross
Penciller: Dale Eaglesham
Inker: Ruy Jose and Drew Geraci

"The Second Coming"

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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The Flash (Wally) and The Flash (Jay) run on the Cosmic Treadmill, attempting to find another universe. They come out where the treadmill says Universe 2 should be, and find a gaping void. The treadmill breaks, and they drop back to our universe.

In the Brownstone, the JLA meet the Kingdom Come Superman, who Wonder Woman reveals is not lying. Green Lantern verifies that he is, in fact, Kryptonian, and a cellular match for Superman.

Superman suggests that he trusts this new Superman, and Batman indicates they should help him find a way back home. Starman says it's possible with a map, but they lack one. Kingdom Superman indicates that his Earth is gone, that he left as he watched his adopted planet die.

Power Girl weeps at the grave of Kal-L and Lois, staring through the ground into their graves.

Kingdom Come Superman gets a new outfit, and walks the street, in awe that the people are not afraid of their heroes. He hears trouble as Judomaster is attacked by goons. Her power is to avoid being hit. Kamikazi explodes himself, realizing she can't avoid indirect attacks, and almost takes her out.

Kingdom Superman intervenes, and just as Kamikaze is about to attack again, Judomaster kicks him in the head, knocking him cold.

Kingdom Come Superman goes to Power Girl and tries to console her, saying he'll be staying and desires to rekindle a new family with her.

In the sewers, Mr. America explores Chroma's brutal murder.

4Story - 4: Faltering a little bit with a strange sideplot with Judomaster, we still focus mainly on Kingdom Come Superman, and from there and all about it, character is strong, as is interest in the plot. Johns is handling this strange new Superman (to this world) well, bringing in the JLA immediately, answering questions, setting the ground rules.

He's an extraordinarily sympathetic character, and I'm eager to see where they go with this.

Judomaster comes from out of nowhere, and is obviously a bit of a catalyst for Kingdom Supes, but it still falls a bit flat and hard to care for, thus the minus point, but that's a briefer portion of a larger issue with many touching moments, as with Power Girl at the graves, the new family being rekindled, and the dialogue between the members and the new Superman with regards to hope and family.

This book continues to plow on wonderfully, and I can't find any real niggling complaints. Awesome work, and one of the only comics out there consistently worth the money.

5Art - 5: Eaglesham does very well with the material, including several truly great panels, such as Power Girl's reaction to Kal's offer of family (crying is so often overdone), Kal walking around without glasses on and still looking disguised (awesome), and even Judomaster's splash, which worked despite the oddity of the plotline to me.

All in all, still great. Hate to sound like a broken record, it's just true.

3Cover Art - 3: It's a painted Alex Ross action cover, so how can you go wrong? Well, by over-hyping the color green to the detriment of the pose. Alas, because it's a really, really cool pose in all other respects. Less light source and this would have been gold. You'd think they'd know that, given the contrast of all the other dark backgrounded covers of late...

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