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Action Comics #847

February 15, 2007: Geoff Johns Explains “Action Comics” Delays

Geoff Johns, co-writer with Richard Donner on "Action Comics" at the moment, posted the following message at the Newsarama.com forums regarding the reason for the delays with the "Last Son" storyline in "Action Comics"...

    Hey, all -

    I want to thank all of you who are reading Action Comics and apologize for the delays in the current LAST SON storyline.

    Unfortunately, Adam Kubert is obviously taking much longer than anyone hoped. His work is beautiful, but it's taking a long time - for the record, it's not me and Donner. It's become a common assumption that "Hollywood" writers are slow. Donner is not.

    On that front, of course DC wants Action Comics out every month. And it should be, if not more (which it will be later in 2007).

    I apologize to everyone on the wait and delays, but I hope you've been enjoying the storyline and the Annual.

    Fortunately, Action #850 turned into, what I think, is a great anniversary issue. We're already working ahead of Adam with the next artist that's going to take over Action Comics so we're way ahead of the game.

    We hate having this story interrupted too, trust me, but at least they're going to be good. And it won't happen again.

    Thanks again,

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