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JLA #7

March 6, 2007: “Justice League of America #7” Cover Revealed

Writer Brad Meltzer posted the image (shown right) for the cover(s) of "Justice League of America #7" on his MySpace blog.

The image is a collaborative effort between designer Eric Wright and artists George Perez, Luke McDonnell, Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, Gene Ha and Ed Benes.

The cover pretty much depicts every version of the Justice League that has existed over the years.

"Writers need to know when to shut up," Meltzer said. "So I'm letting the image speak for itself."

DC Comics has revealed that the image shown will actually make up two covers for the issue. Apparently the image will be split in half, with Black Canary, Superman and half of Batman appearing on one cover, and the other half of Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern on the other cover. The issue will also have a one-in-ten variant cover by Michael Turner.

"Justice League of America #7" is currently scheduled for an April 4th release.

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