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May 11, 2007: Gary Frank - The New “Action Comics” Artist

Newsarama caught up with Gary Frank, the artist who recently signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, and who is set to become the regular penciller for "Action Comics". Here are a few excerpts from the interview...

    Q: Working on Action Comics is quite a big responsibility in that it is DC's most time-honored title - starring their number one, flagship character - no pressure right? (laughing)

    GF: I'm getting a stamp made up that says, "Geoff wanted me to do it that way." and that baby is going on everything.

    The thing with Superman, though, is that he is - and I don't think even Marvel would argue with this - the greatest superhero icon of them all. Every artist must, at some point in their career, try and tackle Superman. He'll always be there and over the years there have been, and will be, a lot of Superman books. The trick is to try to get on a great Superman book. You have to pick your moment and I'm absolutely confident that this is it.

    Q: What can readers expect from your tenure on Action? Give us all a taste of things to come.

    GF: All good things - Geoff and Dick [Donner] have some real challenges planned for the character, both physical and emotional. I guarantee that it'll be a fun ride.

    From the art point of view, I'm going to try and chip away at some of the superhero baggage that comes with the character. I'd like to avoid, if possible, the traditional poses: chest out; hands on hips - those kinds of things. Geoff and I have talked a lot about the type of guy Superman is and how that would inform the way he carries himself. It's a lot of fun trying to work this stuff out and I hope that we'll have something that the readers will enjoy at the end of it.

Read the complete interview at the Newsarama website.

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