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Justice League Incarnate #5 [of 5]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 1, 2022
Cover date: May 2022

"Worlds End"

Writers: Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver
Artists: Andrei Bressan and Jesus Merino
Cover: Gary Frank
Variant Covers: Jorge Fornes and Andrei Bressan

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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"Remember who you are."

These words from his mother echo in Darkseid's mind as he and his forces reluctantly work together to battle the Great Darkness as its increasing power seeps through the multiverse. Doctor Multiverse and the Flash help those controlled by the Great Darkness return to themselves. Yet, Darkseid has been captured while attempts to rescue Barry Allen fail. The Justice League Incarnate and Orion's soldiers from Apokolips may not be enough to stop the omniversal cataclysm as the latter takes his father's place as ruler. Darkseid, meanwhile, has been engulfed in the Great Darkness. He is chained and pondering how he can liberate himself. His mother's words still echo in his mind.

"Remember who you are."

[NOTE: This story continues in "Justice League #75" with "The Death of the Justice League"].

4Story - 4: I still stand by my stance that this series has too much going on for a mere five issues. Ten to twelve issues would have been perfect for it even if it is continued in Justice League #75. The overall arc is good. I just feel the editorial decisions for it were not suitable for a comic of this caliber. "Justice League Incarnate" had a lot of potential. However, the powers that be did not allow it to live up to that potential in my opinion.

5Art - 5: The art is more solid in this issue and doesn't suffer from the problems the rest of this series had visually. It's like all my complaints were essentially heard with this comic.

5Cover Art - 5: Frank should draw more Darkseid images. His rendition is downright sinister. The rest of this image is incredibly done as well.

5Fornes Variant Cover Art - 5: Darkseid holds center stage with Orion in an awesome variant.

4Bressan Variant Cover Art - 4: While this is a great image of the team, some minor flaws prevent it from being perfect.

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