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Justice League Incarnate #3 [of 5]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 4, 2022
Cover date: February 2022

"Lost in the Worlds"

Writers: Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver
Artists: Andrei Bressan, Ariel Olivetti, Nik Virella, Todd Nauck and Mikel Janin
Cover: Gary Frank
Variant Covers: Jorge Fornes

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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The Justice League Incarnate has been separated with House of Heroes group on Earth-7 and each member who fought Darkseid on a different Earth. The cracks in the Multiverse are getting worse as Darkseid, as usual, seeks ultimate absolute power. Every superhero on every world may be needed to keep the Dark Lord of Apokolips at bay. Whether they can stop him is anyone's guess. The only thing certain is all that exists depends on the Justice League Incarnate's success.

It seems that creating and reading comic books are the key to bringing the Justice League Incarnate back together in full force. The Flash peruses a treasure chest full of them on Earth-31 to find her comrades while Superman and Doctor Multiverse write and draw for DC Comics on Earth-33. However, their editor reveals himself to be none other than Darkseid when The Flash reveals that the crack in the Multiverse is on Earth-41 where Captain Carrot is stranded. During the battle with Darkseid, Doctor Multiverse contains the energy in the fissure where Barry Allen is imprisoned. Yet, it may not be enough. The Great Darkness is liberated.

4Story - 4: The fact that the plot seems more focused than in previous issues is certainly a vast improvement. However, this chapter still suffers from the same problems as #1 and #2. The writers seem to be cramming two to two and a half comics into one. This makes a book with great potential seem rushed when the best approach would have been to make this series a monthly or, at the very least, a ten or twelve comic maxi-series. Don't get me wrong. This is a great title. There are just a few flaws preventing it from being better than what it is.

4Art - 4: The problem with multiple artists on one issue, is trying to do an overall score of all the art. Grading individual styles would take too much time in spite of being simpler. Suffice it to say each world being drawn by a different person works well for this series and this issue. Yet, some panels have their flaws that prevent this from having a perfect score.

5Cover Art - 5: I love Gary Frank's art, and I would sincerely love to see him do interiors for another core Superman book. However, I'll take this cover and enjoy this as much as I enjoyed his Action Comics run from some years ago.

5Variant Cover Art - 5: Another brilliant variant cover by an artist who is severely underrated in my opinion.

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